The Best Sod for Santa Clarita

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The Best Sod and Grass Seed Type For Santa Clarita 

Thank you for joining us in looking at the best sod for Santa Clarita, a city located in Southern California and popular for being home to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Santa Clarita, California, has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average high temperature in Santa Clarita ranges from around 62°F (17°C) in winter to 94°F (34°C) in summer, with occasional heat waves bringing temperatures above 100°F (38°C). Overnight lows can drop below freezing in winter and usually stay in the 60s°F (15-20°C) in summer. Two important factors are that Santa Clarita has sunshine 300 days of sunshine per year and due to its geographical location, is known for hot winds known as the "Santa Ana winds." The good news is sod loves sunshine and our best selling products love the heat as well!

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The Best Sod and Seed for Santa Clarita

Below is a general list of recommendations for the best sod and grass seed for Santa Clarita. The options below are general guidelines, the most appropriate sod choice will take into account the conditions of your specific lawn or garden area. Also note, the sod and ground cover options below are both dog-friendly or pet-friendly and environmentally-friendly. 

Kurapia Ground Cover

Kurapia ground cover is considered to be a good plant for Santa Clarita for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, Kurapia ground cover thrives in warmer climate, withstanding climate conditions in Santa Clarita such as the Santa Ana Winds. Heat can easily wither away plant, so heat resistance makes Kurapia ground cover popular in Santa Clarita. Kurapia ground cover is also drought-tolerant and does not require mowing, making Kurapia ground low maintenance and environmentally-friendly. 



Native Bentgrass Sod

Native Bentgrass Sod is spiking in popularity, and Santa Clarita is no exception! Native Bentgrass is popular due to its durability. Native Bentgrass is drought tolerant, heat tolerant, and low maintenance. Native Bentgrass can be maintained at a lower mowing height but can also be grown out, needing less mowing. Native Bentgrass makes for an exceptional natural look if used for decorative purposes. 



Native Bentgrass Seed

Our Native Bentgrass grass seed is available year-round. Call us for a free quote! Our Native Bentgrass see ships via UPS and arrives within 1-2 weeks of placing your order. 



Fescue Sod

Fescue sod is a proper choice for Santa Clarita because fescues can adapt to both heat and cold winter conditions. Hybrid fescue sod is popular in Santa Clarita, as it is in all of California. Below are our top choices. Our fescue sod options are excellent for active families, families with four-legged, furry friends and areas in mostly sun. 

West Coaster Tall Fescue Sod

Tall fescue sod can be a good choice for Santa Clarita for some situations, depending on the specific needs and conditions of the landscaping project. Our West Coaster Tall Fescue sod performs well in traffic tolerance, drought tolerance and heat tolerance. 



Tall Fescue Grass Seed

Sod and Seed, Inc. proudly offers the West Coaster Tall Fescue sod grass seed for shipping! Call us at 1-800-381-8163 to place an order or get a free quote. 



Elite Plus Fescue Sod

Elite Plus sod, a type of dwarf tall fescue, can be a good choice for Santa Clarita. Elite Plus fescue sod is appropriate for lawns or gardens that have some shade, moderate to heavier foot traffic, and if drought and heat tolerance are desired. 



Elite Plus Fescue Sod Grass Seed

Our Elite Plus fescue grass seed is available year-round for planting and reseeding purposes. 




RTF sod, which stands for Rhizomatous Tall Fescue, can be a good choice for Santa Clarita, paying close attention to immediate conditions of the sod lawn or garden area. RTF is the only fescue that self heals, making the RTF an excellent choice for areas that will receive full sun, sun and shade, and foot traffic. RTF sod is green year-round and is also highly drought tolerant. 



Marathon Sod

Call us at 1-800-381-8163 if you'd like a free quote for Marathon I, Marathon II or Marathon II fescue sod!

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Warm Season Grasses

Warm season grasses love Santa Clarita because warm season grasses love sun and heat. The Santa Ana Winds may not both a warm season grass as much as other options. Below are two of our top selling warm season grass options, St. Augustine and Hybrid Bermuda Grass. Please note, bermuda grass goes dormant in the winter when temperatures begin to drop, acquiring a brown look until spring time when it begins to come out of dormancy. 

St. Augustine

St. Augustine sod can be a good choice for those in Santa Clarita looking for a turfgrass that can tolerate warm, humid climates, has good shade tolerance, and can grow in salty soils. St. Augustine's appearance and ability to create a lush lawn is also appealing to homeowners. 




Overall, TIF TUF sod may be a good choice for Santa Clarita home owners and professionals seeking a sod or ground cover that is drought-tolerant, traffic-tolerant, and can grow in partial shade. TIF TUF has an appearance that creates a uniform lawn, and is relatively low-maintenance.



The Best Sod and Grass Seed Type For Santa Clarita

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog about the best sod and grass seed for Santa Clarita! As you can see, Sod and Seed, Inc. offers a large selection of sod, including but not limited to popular choices such as fescue sod, hybrid bermudas, RTF sod, St. Augustine sod, Kurapia ground cover and a wide range of grass seed. Your interest and support are valuable to Sod and Seed, Inc! I hope that my blog provided you with valuable insights and useful information. We hope to hear from you soon!








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