The Best Sod for Los Angeles

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Best Sod and Grass Seed for Los Angeles, California

At Sod and Seed, Inc., we continue to seek ways to best serve our customers and landscape professionals by sharing the best information about sod and ground covers. Today, we share the list of our top selling sod deliveries to Los Angeles. We have compiled this list to share the top 6 sod choices or the best grass for Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the largest City in California and has some of the most diverse communities, landscapes, and plant life. Los Angeles is also home to many special institutions and landmarks such as Disneyland Park, California Adventure Park, Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm, Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica State Beach, Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Griffith Park, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles Zoo, Sunset Boulevard, Dodger Stadium, Paramount Pictures Studios, Rose Bowl Stadium, and The Greek Theatre. The common factor among all of these popular places is a grass lawn for which they have used one of these selections for their sod lawn. 

Los Angeles Grass Culture

Before the modern day term for medicinal "grass" became the most popular search result, it was grass sod and grass seed that was searched for the most. Los Angeles is covered with beautiful grass and sod lawn landscapes. But, L.A. takes it to the next step. In Los Angeles we loves grass so much, we have walls built of the stuff!

Los Angeles Grass Wall

Pictured above is one of many grass walls in Universal Studios, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Grass Parks

Though it may not seem obvious, sod brings communities together by helping provide grass parks for play and grass fields on schools for sports and physical education or P.E. A sod lawn is one of the best ways to provide a natural and safe area for LA residents to enjoy the outdoors. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, Sod and Seed, Inc. is dedicated to ongoing learning about grass seed and sod production, including native grasses and ground covers in California. This includes delivering sod with the best practices in the lawn industry. At Sod and Seed, Inc. we strive to provide our customers with knowledge and experience-based insight on grass seed and sod delivery. Sod and Seed, Inc. offers the best grass seed and sod delivery, built on years of working directly in the field and by collaborating with accredited programs, university-based research and collegiate institutions. 

Best Grasses for Los Angeles 

Sod Los Angeles

Sod samples for customers to view and texture-test at the Sod and Seed, Inc. storefront

We have prepared this list of the best sod or grass types for Los Angeles to help educate home owners and lawn professionals on where to buy fresh sod direct from the farm and why some sod types are more suitable than others for LA. This list is based on our sales, customer demands and grass stress-testing conducted to analyze adaptability. Keep in mind, this is a narrowed list and the sod type that would best suit your conditions may not necessarily be first on the list. If you're asking yourself, "What is the best grass for LA?" you're at the right place! When looking for where to buy sod in Los Angeles for sod delivery, think Sod and Seed, Inc!

1. Special Shade Blend Sod

Los Angeles is a big fan of our Special Shade Blend sod, and for good reason! Our Special Shady Mix provides many benefits best suited for Los Angeles. As you may know, Los Angeles is known for its sunny climate, warm beaches and active, outdoor lifestyle. Cities with warmer climate tend to invest in shade-casting landscapes to help provide shade for hotter days. Los Angeles is not the exception. So, a shade tolerant mix is frequently sought after in Los Angeles. Note, don't let the name mislead you, our Shade Blend also loves full sun! There's more, our Shade Blend is highly drought tolerant and adapts well to foot traffic. For a sunny, warm and active city, Shade Blend is undoubtedly a popular choice. The Shade Blend gives LA lawn owners a Special Shady Mix that can handle heat, drought conditions, foot traffic, pets, up to 40% shade throughout the day all while keeping its vibrant green color year-round. 


Grass Seed for Shade Blend Special Mix

We also offer our farm-grade Shade Blend seed for re-seeding or seeding purposes. CLICK HERE for our Shade Blend grass seed. 

2. Tall Fescue 90/10 Sod

Our Tall Fescue 9010 Sod has been our bestseller for multiple consecutive years. Once we tell you why, you'll understand the popularity of the Tall Fescue 9010 in Los Angeles and why customers love it so much! Our Delta Tall 9010 is our most drought tolerant grass, and does the best with high foot traffic like kids and pets. It stays green year round and also offers excellent heat tolerance and disease resistance. Our Tall Fescue Mix loves the L.A. sun and heat, supported by its deep rooting system. The Delta Tall 9010 has helped Los Angeles provide its residents with safe, natural and long-lasting recreational areas for kids, pets, and for the general public. 


9010 Tall Fescue Grass Seed

We provide the same seed that goes directly into our sod for seeding. Here is our link to Tall Fescue 9010 Grass Seed.

3. Latitude 36 Bermuda Sod

Our Latitude 36 bermudagrass sod has been one of the best selling turf types in Los Angeles. We are often out of stock for Latitude 36 sod before it goes dormant in the late fall and winter. Don't worry, Latitude 36 sod comes back to its thriving, green conditions in the spring! The Latitude 36 is a popular choice for Los Angeles because it has above average ratings in both drought and heat tolerance, making the sod suitable for the warm climate conditions in Los Angeles. Latitude 36 also provides excellent wear recovery for lawns that will have higher foot traffic. 


Latitude Bermuda Grass Seed

We currently use plugs to ensure the growth of the exact same grass every. At this time, we do not provide seed for our Latitude 36.

4. Kurapia Ground Cover Sod

Kurapia ground cover has become very popular in Los Angeles, the same way it has become popular everywhere else in California and surrounding states. LA is a busy city, so ground covers that can take care of themselves without compromising their health and curb appeal are of very high interest for Los Angeles home owners and property investors. This is where Kurapia ground cover comes in. Kurapia ground cover sod is a new lawn cover alternative that offers LA lawn owners a lawn that never needs to be mowed, saves up to 60% on watering and blooms miniature white flowers twice annually for a uniquely appealing look. Although Kurapia ground cover is new to the sod industry, Kurapia is steadily growing in popularity and has sold out every single year. This shouldn't come as a surprise considering Kurapia ground cover gives you a lawn you will never have to mow, require less water in the warm, sunny city of Los Angeles, and gives your lawn a unique look. One of the L.A. cities that loves Kurapia ground cover the most is Beverly Hills! We wouldn't be surprised if Kurapia ground cover eventually makes it to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To see just how drought tolerant Kurapia ground cover is, CLICK HERE to check out our video, "Kurapia Sod Testing by Sod and Seed, Inc."

CLICK the link below to learn everything you need to know about Kurapia ground cover:


5. Bolero Plus Sod

Bolero Plus is a popular sod in Los Angeles for its low maintenance features, drought and heat tolerance, and improved aesthetic. Our Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue with Bluegrass sod mix grows slower than its other fescue counterparts, giving the Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue sod the low maintenance feature the folks in the busy city of LA are interested in. If you don't want to mow every week, our Bolero Plus sod is a great type of grass. Our Bolero Sod also provides sunny LA with heat and drought tolerance during its warmest season and any sporadic heat waves throughout the year. Last but not least, we all know how fashionable LA is, and LA sod is not the exception. Our Bolero Plus will offer a sod lawn with finer blades that slowly grow, giving the area an improved aesthetic look.



Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue Seed

We also offer our farm-grade Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue and Bluegrass Grass Seed for re-seeding or seeding purposes. CLICK HERE for our Bolero Plus grass seed. 

kurapia ground cover

A close up look at our Kurapia Ground Cover

Sod and Seed of Los Angeles truly hopes this list of the best grass and best sod for Los Angeles recommendations will be of help when choosing your sod lawn! Choosing the lawn that will best suit your conditions for long-term health can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help! Let us know what LA city you are in and the turf or sod type you think may best suit your conditions. Please feel free to ask any general sod questions in the comments section below. We deliver 6 days a week, promising fresh sod straight from the farm. You are also welcome to share our content with anyone you think may find it helpful. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Sod and Seed Inc.

Please note, we delivery sod and seed to all of LA county including but not limited to Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Malibu, La Mirada, Pasadena, Compton, Inglewood, Burbank, Glendale, West Hollywood, Culver City, Norwalk, Lancaster, Santa Clarita, Pomona, Downey, La Puente, Palmdale, San Gabriel, Hawthorne, Hidden Hills, Arcadia, Marina del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Montebello, Carson, El Monte, Gardena, Monterey Park, Cerritos, West Covina, Alhambra, Rowland Heights, El Segundo, La Canada Flintridge, Commerce, South Gate, Lakewood, La Verne, Rosemead, Covina, Santa Fe Springs, Bellflower, and Huntington Park. 

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  • Thank you Andrew please feel free to tell us how the areas you overseeded are doing in the other lawn as well we would love to hear an update. Los Angeles grass seed deliveries are going out like crazy right now so happy you ordered and got your overseeding timing correct.

    George Bravos on
  • Thank you John I love Bolero plus as well and I know your company only uses bolero or bluegrass for finer looks. If anyone is ever looking for a great landscape company for sod in Los Angeles Johns’s team has got their stuff together. Please leave your info next time you are on John!

    George Bravos on
  • Hi Howard great to hear you are happy with going for the Hybrid tall fescue mix instead of bermudagrass. I am sure the dogs are doing much better in the area with this colder weather. If you need any seed to feel free to give us a call.

    George Bravos on
  • Thank you Catherine You were the first kurapia sod installation in Solano for the season happy the kurapia ground cover is turning out well.

    George Bravos on
  • Bolero Plus Dwarf Fescue is Sod and Seed’s healthiest and most appealing landscaping option. Even when you don’t water it, it thrives with little water and rebounds swiftly from any form of injury. This product is working well for us in Los Angeles.

    John L Weber on

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