Mow Free Grass or No Mow Grass

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Mow Free Grass or No Mow Grass Ratings

Mow Free / No Mow Ratings 1 - 10 (10 being best)

Mow Free grass Drought Tolerance: 8

Mow Free grass Disease Resistance: 6

Mow Free grass Wear Recovery: 6

Mow Free grass Shade Tolerance: 10

Mow Free grass Heat Tolerance: 7

Mow Free Grass or No Mow Grass Seed

We are proud to offer you our high-quality, farm-grade seed for our Delta Mow-Free/No-Mow! You may purchase the same seed used to grow our sod at any time at the link below (also found under our SEED section from our HOME PAGE):

Mow Free Grass or No Mow Grass Information

Our Delta Mow Free also referred to as No Mow, is a combination of Fine Fescues that requires very little to no maintenance at all and is great for shady areas. It is a blend of sheep heard and creeping red fescue that can create a meadow-like look when left un-mowed. Mow-Free, also known as Creeping or Fine Fescue, is a perennial grass, meaning it’ll stay green all year—one of our most popular grasses for residential homeowners, commercial properties, and college campuses. It is referred to as Mow Free because mowing is optional for homeowners. Our Mow Free can be grown out or trimmed when absolutely needed and much less than other sod types. The rule of thumb is to never cut off more than a third of the total blade length. Our Mow Free is great for areas that get 40% or more shade. Our Mow Free has a deep, dark, green carpet-like grass texture. Its fescue blend gives it the mow-free thick, dense cover able to withstand drought, moderate foot traffic, and weed growth. Common commercial uses include sports fields, golf courses, etc., and are especially ideal for this purpose because the Mow Free is tolerant to foot traffic. Our Mow Free has a densely lush and perfectly dark green look that lasts all year. Its tall and dense cover also helps to trap dust and helps keep households free of dirt and other contaminants. 

Drought Tolerance

Our Mow Free grass grows best in wet or humid areas and cooler weather conditions. These conditions provide moisture that enables its dark, thick grass cover to maintain its health. However, where conditions change, the grass is able to adapt and has traits to help it tolerate high-heat and dry conditions. Our Mow Free has deep roots that are able to absorb moisture and nutrients from within the soil. These roots keep the grass well moisturized, hence protecting it from harsh weather conditions like drought. It also has drought tolerance due to its thick cover that protects it from exposure to extreme conditions. This cover also retains more moisture by limiting high evaporation rates. If you are looking for an extreme water conservation sod type, we also offer a Native version of our Mow-Free, saving up to 50% in watering maintenance due to its Native properties in California.

Heat Tolerance

The Mow-Free grows best in cooler areas and seasons. These conditions provide humidity for the grass that helps facilitate its growth. However, the grass is able to tolerate and adapt to warm/hot climates and seasons as well. This tolerance is attributed to the grass’ deep roots that are able to absorb water from beneath the surface and retain its moisture. This enables the grass to survive during high-heat conditions such as summer. The Mow Free also has a uniform, dense cover that protects it from water loss high in high-heat conditions. 

Wear and Tear Recovery

The Mow Free has the capacity to recover from wear and tear to which it is exposed. It has a thick, green, dense cover that proactively enables it to withstand tough conditions. This dense cover is also able to fill the gaps caused by wear and tear. Its deep rooting system absorbs nutrients that enable growth after damage. The Mow Free’s dense cover also helps fight weeds that grow within the grass.

Shade Tolerance

Like any grass, Our Mow Free loves sunny weather. However, its fine fescue mix makes it one of our most shade-tolerant grasses. The sun exposure it gets will help it develop a strong rooting system essential to its tough nature. It is this tough nature is one of the characteristics that make our Mow Free tolerant and adaptive to shady conditions. Note that shady conditions must be partial and not full shade conditions. Our Mow Free is great for areas that get 40% or more shade.

Soil Adaptations

The ideal soil conditions for the Mow-Free are soils that are well-drained and fertile. Well-drained soil is essential to the Mow-Free’s growth because it helps in the absorption of water. The water makes the grass moisturized and able to withstand stressful conditions. The soil must be about 4-6 inches deep or more for proper growth. Deep and well-drained soil also facilitates air and water penetration. With proper soil depth and its deep roots, the Mow Free is able to absorb the water and nutrients it needs. The Mow Free is also ideal in areas that are rocky or hilly with low nitrogen rates. Nutrients found in these areas keep the soil fertile and facilitate the growth of our Mow-Fee into its high-quality lawn form. Moreover, the Mow Free’s dense cover helps control soil erosion.

Low-Maintenance Features

Our Mow-Free requires little maintenance for its survival. First, it does not require mowing and can be mowed as little as once or twice a year. Second, it requires less fertilizer because of its fertile soil’s capability to support its growth. It requires less irrigation because of its drought tolerance. Its deep rooting system also creates a dense cover, giving little to no room for the growth of weeds. The roots also fill the gaps which would have been filled by weeds and further protect the grass from weed growth. All of these low-maintenance traits are of great advantage to homeowners as it yields low-cost maintenance, eco-friendly traits, and time-saving upkeep.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews Write a review