California Native Biofiltration Grass Seed

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Native Biofiltration Grass Seed

Our Delta California Native Biofiltration grass seed is a mix of California Barley, Purple Needlegrass, Meadow Barley, and Molate Fescue. Our Native Biofiltration grass seed will grow into a lawn that is unique for many reasons.

Native Biofiltration Grass Seed Lawn

In addition to being a native lawn option, the Native Biofiltration grass see will provide the following benefits:

Sod blade that is fine

Drought tolerant lawn

Full sun conditions

Low maintenance lawn due to growth pattern

Filter surrounding air by trapping sediment

Supports erosion control

Often times, the Native Biofiltration is used for areas intended to be non-irrigated and non-maintained. 

Planting Grass Seed Lawn

Preparing and installing your Native Biofiltration grass seed lawn requires the same preparation process as installing sod rolls. CLICK HERE to view our Prep + Install Guide. 

Native Grass Sod Lawn

Are you interested in sodding your lawn instead? CLICK HERE to view our Delta California Native Biofiltration sod. 

Fertilizer for Grass Seed

We recommend using Starter Fertilizer when planting your Native Biofiltration grass seed. CLICK HERE to view our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer. 

Native Biofiltration Grass Seed Coverage Information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review