Farm Grade Grass Seed

When it comes to grass seed, quality comes first. We are here to find the right grass seed to fit your home needs. Currently, we are preparing to expand our grass seed collection to include bermudagrass seed. However, because of limitations due to weather conditions and viability, this process will take some time. 

We are currently expanding our seed selection into bermudagrass seed but will be taking time in our selection due to limited weather conditions and viability. All of our grass seed comes directly from the farm and is shipped with a tracking code. Sod and Seed Inc. is always happy to help you with grass seed help and questions. Farm grade grass seed we use ourselves in our sod fields we have to your home in about a week! Some native grass seed blends and ryegrass seed are usually also in high seasonal demand. All Organic grass seed comes without any coating and direct from our farm.

When matching a sod, please give us as much information so that we may properly source your grass seed type. Sod and Seed Inc is proud to be able to offer California Native seed options. For native grass seed, please call as we are limited in stock.

Looking to reseed your lawn? We offer Fescue Seed, Rye Seed, Bluegrass Seed, and more! Take a look at our seed selection and see which one fits you best! All of our seed is high-quality and at a farm-grade standard, with no fillers and NO toxic coatings. We are proud to provide you with the same seed that is used in our fields to grow our sod!

Enjoy FREE DELIVERY and SHIPPING on all grass seed orders such as our Fescue Seed, Bluegrass Seed, Rye Seed, Mow-Free Seed, fine fescue seed, California native grass seed, and more! Browse our grass seed selection below! Please give us advance notice for rare grass seed types like Hawaii grass seed and other hard-to-source seeds.

 grass seed

California Native Grass Seed

Our selection of Native grass seeds is limited due to prioritizing needs on the farm. If you are interested in a quote for California Native Grass Seed, give us a Call.

For quotes on pricing for sod, seed, or ground cover, please call 925-435-7874