Frog Fruit Ground Cover

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Frog Fruit Ground Cover Phyla Nodiflora

Phyla Nodiflora Ground cover or more popularly known as frog fruit, is our best-selling plug. Years of research and development have refined our selection to what we feel works well in direct sun, self-repair, and drought tolerance.

Frog Fruit Grass Plugs

Phyla nodiflora, or frog Fruit is currently available in plug form and has a 1-3 week advance order request. All of our plugs come in standard plug trays and are always recommended to be planted as soon as possible. Here we provide the best care, ensuring our frog fruit plugs are healthy and ready to be planted. If you need larger or smaller sizes in frog fruit ground cover, contact us directly at 925-435-7874

Frog Fruit as a lawn

Frog fruit ground cover is native to both North America and South America. Preferring the hot weather, frog fruit works perfectly in direct sun and prefers the heat. This plant will thrive in hot climates and is not recommended for anywhere with snow or heavy frost. A great way to see if frog fruit will work in your area is by checking the local native website by searching your area and Phyla Nodiflora. Frog fruit may not come up with factual data since it is a nickname for the plant. Phyla Nodiflora also goes by turkey tangler on the east coast and has multiple versions in the Florida area.

Phyla Nodiflora

Phyla Nodiflora works best in North America due to the evergreen qualities of the ground cover. Phyla Nodiflora stays close to the ground growing as high as 3-5" before laying down. As the plant grows from plugs, the stocks begin to thicken, keeping most of the leaves flat on the ground giving a great weed barrier and also allowing next to no maintenance.

Phyla Nodiflora or Frog Fruit or Kurapia

Phyla Nodiflora was one of the plants used in producing kurapia, a new hybrid version of Phyla Nodiflora. The difference between these two plants is that the kurapia ground cover is sterile, and the Phyla Nodiflora ground cover is not sterile, meaning it reproduces with seed. Both Kurapia ground cover and Phyla Nodiflora or frog fruit are evergreens and very drought tolerant. The most visible difference being Phyla Nodiflora ground cover produces purple flowers instead of white like kurapia.

Phyla Nodiflora as a Pollinator

Early May Phyla Nodiflora ground cover begins to bloom tiny purple flowers, a great pollen source for the local ecosystem. If there is anyone with bee allergies or if you would rather not have the flowers, mow every couple of weeks until the end of November when the flowering stops.

Frog Fruit Ground Cover Drought Tolerance

Native ground cover tends to be better and requires less water and maintenance than traditional grass lawns. If an area has damage, they heal faster in the hotter weather than compared to cool season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass.

Phyla Nodiflora Ground Cover Availability

We are currently about three weeks out on our current orders of phyla nodiflora or frog fruit. Please give our staff a call for an updated delivery timeline. Note that orders are generally 2-3 weeks out during the warm season. During the cold season, shipments can be delayed past 2-3 weeks due to weather conditions. Shipments can also be delayed due to other unforeseen factors. We thank you in advance for your patience as we prioritize the quality and readiness of the plugs for shipping. Please call us at 1-800-381-8163 for the most updated availability. 

Frog Fruit Lippia Ground Cover

Please enjoy our pictures of Frog Fruit lippia ground cover scientifically named Phyla Nodiflora.

How Many Plugs Do I Need?

CLICK HERE to view our guide on selecting the right number of Frog Fruit plugs. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews Write a review