Which sod is best for shade in California?

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Best sod for shade

In shady areas, people usually find that sod suffers. It doesn't seem to root, or it turns yellow due to the lack of sunlight. All sod needs direct sunlight, and we recommend at least 60 percent sun thought the day, however if you are having issues with the lawn not surviving the shade we recommend shade blend.

Grass for shady area

grass for shade

Special shade blend is a sod that has a mixture of hybrid and shade-tolerant fescue grasses that will suite filtered light. This sod can take moderate foot traffic and fills in very nicely. A dark green will suite any side yard or direct sun area and will tolerate pet use as well.

The sod can take heavy sports use and has a shade tolerance of nine out of ten, making it an easy pick for any homes with active family members and sunny and shady areas.




Fescue rye mixtures do well in shadier areas due to the perineal rye staying green during the winter, therefor helping with shadier, colder areas. These mixtures will also stay green all year with proper maintenance. 

The largest And easiest factor to control is trimming trees to make sure you do not have a shading situation. Maintenance of trees over and around sod lawn areas help with keeping a healthy lawn.

Soft fescue grass for shaded area

Another great option that we have is Mow Free which a finer blade and boast the highest rating on shade tolerance at 10 out of 10

mow free grass lawn



If you have an area that you have to give up on with sod due to our 50 percent rule, there is another option. With the most expensive price tag due to being brand new to California and very limited, there is Kurapia.

Kurapia is part of the perineal leaf family and while not a grass blade boasts 60% water savings when compared to your average fescue lawn. The tiny leaves do not require any trimming whatsoever and are sterile, so it does not spread by seeding. 

Look further into Kurapia when you have a chance of being the newest greenest lawn option owner.




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  • Our lawn used to be a regular, plain old lawn, and now when I walk outside and look at it, I am overwhelmed with joy. The grass is so gorgeous. The property looks like it belongs in a botanical garden. My friend who is living in Kern County wanted a shade blend. Does this grass work fine in the moderate shade?

    Robin Santos on
  • If you’re looking for a good shade sod, I recommend looking for Sod and Seed Inc. They have a nice selection of grasses that do really well in the shade.

    Tammy Sabrina on
  • Hello Ellen! The Native Mow Free is terrific grass. It doesn’t get too tall or thick and thrives well in the shade. It can also survive without water, so you may install it in your yard and forget about grass maintenance. Native Mow Free is the perfect “meadow-like” grass for any sloped, steep, or edges of lawns. Native Mow Free is the perfect choice for homeowners seeking an alternative to the high cost and intensive maintenance of traditional grass lawns.

    Lizza L. on
  • This is the first time I heard about Mow Free, Will it work in a shaded area?

    Ellen Fisher on
  • Right, Kurapia is one of the best grass so far here in California. Kurapia is a very resilient grass that can leave unmowed but still look good. Great to have one this month.

    Brook Forrest on

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