The Best Lawn Alternative Plant Phyla Nodiflora

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The Best Lawn Alternative Plant

Welcome to Sod and Seed, Inc., where today we will be talking about the best lawn alternative plant, Phyla Nodiflora, also referred to as Lippia, Lippia phyla nodiflora, lippia nodiflora ground cover, phyla nodiflora ground cover, Phyla nodiflora Lippia, Turkey Tangle, Texas Turkey Tangle, Frog Fruit, and probably a few more common names out there we don't know of yet. 

Great recovery and fast growth in the heat Phyla Nodiflora commonly known as turkey tangle and frog fruit has become the newest most popular plant to use as a lawn. Multiple hybrid versions of this globally native plant have been developed to help reduce spreading by seed like kurapia and kurapia 2 that are available in sod form. California Native versions are available and have been used for over 100 years and come in plug form, both providing a thick lush lawn that requires much less maintenance.

Phyla Nodilfora uses less than half the water of a grass lawn and grows thicker roots. No other grass, even bermudagrass, produces a root system like the Phyla Nodiflora Lippia. Some other benefits include:

Less water usage as lawn alternative

Green year round

No Mowing

Supports Native Plant Restoration

Phyla nodiflora seeds for sale

Seed for the Phyla Lippia Nodiflora is not available. Otherwise, there is no frog fruit seed, lippia nodiflora seed, turkey tangle seed or lippia seed. 

Our phyla nodiflora is for sale! Give us a call at 1-800-381-8163 for more information or help placing order. We hope to hear from you soon!

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