Native Seed and Native Plant Open House by Hedgerow Farms

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Native Seed and Native Plant Open House by Hedgerow Farms

Sod and Seed, Inc. thanks Julia Michaels and the rest of the Hedgerow Farms team for hosting an awesome Hedgerow Farms Open House Event! Sod and Seed, Inc. also thanks Jodie Sheffield, Sod & Seed Specialist from Delta Bluegrass, Co. for an informative presentation on native sod. Hedgerow Farms and Delta Bluegrass, Co., we are grateful for your collaboration and dedication to California native plants and grass seed. 

Want to watch instead? Watch our video below!

Thank you Hedgerow Farms!

Sod and Seed, Inc. thanks Hedgerow Farms for an awesome Open House Event! Hedgerow Farms offered a day filled with fun, entertainment, delicious food, networking, educational sessions, tours, and most importantly, a day dedicated to Native plants and Native seeds. We value the wealth of knowledge shared and admire the long-standing commitment of Hedgerow Farms to the restoration and cultivation of California native plants. 

native mow free sod
Native Mow Free lawn by Delta Bluegrass, Co.
Hedgerow Farms Open House
Winters, California

About Hedgerow Farms

John and Marsha Anderson founded Hedgerow Farms in the 1980’s on their own personal farm in Winters, California. John Anderson had a background in zoology and animal medicine prior to establishing his work and reputation as a California native plant farmer and conservationist. Hedgerow Farms grew to become a top California native plant farm and paved the way for native plant restoration, native plant conservation, and California native seed production. You can learn more about Hedgerow Farms at 

native plants
California Native Poppy Field
Hedgerow Farms
Winters, California

Thank you Delta Bluegrass, Co!

Sod and Seed, would also like to thank Jodie Sheffield, Sod and Seed Specialist with Delta Bluegrass, Co. for her educational, insightful, and passionate speech about native plants. Delta Bluegrass, Co. has been farming native sod for the public for many, many years! Thanks to the Delta Bluegrass, Co. team, native sod is readily available for residential lawns, commercial projects, gardens, decorative purposes and many more applications. 

Left to right: Julia Michaels (Hedgerow Farms) and Jodie Sheffield (Delta Bluegrass, Co.) 

native bentgrass
Native Bentgrass Lawn Installation by Delta Bluegrass, Co.
Hedgerow Farms
Winters, California

California Native Plants and Native Grass Seed

Sod and Seed, Inc. proudly shares the passion and understanding of the value native seed production and native plant farming have. California native plants provide an array of benefits including the restoration of native plant life, diversification of California’s ecology and biome, and the natural superb drought tolerance of native plants that helps support water conservation. Not to mention, the overall climatic and environmental benefits of farming and plant development. At Sod and Seed, Inc., we believe in the longevity and health of plants, down to each and every sod blade as its own organism. We also believe in lawns and landscapes that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Native farming is invaluable and we are proud to share the vision for the restoration and conservation of California native plant life with Hedgerow Farms and Delta Bluegrass, Co. 

Native Plant, Native Seed, and Native Sod Selection 

Sod and Seed, Inc. is proud to offer native plants in various forms! Check out our selection below. Our native plant options offer benefits such as 50% water savings, drought tolerance, and shade tolerance. Our native plant options are also pet-friendly, environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, and come in both native sod form and native grass seed form for available options. We also offer the native alternative ground cover Phyla Nodiflora in plug form, also referred to as Lippia, Frog Fruit, and Texas Turkey Tangle. Kurapia ground cover, which was made using the Native Lippia, is also available in sod rooll form. 

Native Grass Seed

Native Plants

Native Sod

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  • Thank you Hedgerow Farms for educating us on the local native flora, plants and other types of grasses.

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  • How often does this event happen?

    Hillary Pilm on
  • That Native Mow Free grass looks great.

    Brett T on

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