Native plant Phyla nodiflora plugs are ready!

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Sod and Seed, Inc. proudly shares that our Phyla nodiflora, the native lawn alternative, is ready and available for sale in plug form!

Phyla Nodiflora lawn alternative

Grow a lawn from plugs and save! Phyla nodiflora works just like Bermuda grass and spreads in the warm season making a new lawn fast and easy. 

 Native Plant plugs

Native plant plugs are small plants that are grown from seedlings and are typically used for landscaping and restoration projects. Native plant plugs are a good option for those who want to establish a native plant garden or add native plants to an existing landscape.

Native plant plugs have several benefits. They are typically more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than larger plants, as they require less water, fertilizer, and maintenance. Native plant plugs are also more adaptable to local conditions, as they are grown from local seed stock, and are therefore more likely to thrive in the local climate and soil conditions.

To plant native plant plugs, choose a location with well-draining soil and full sun or partial shade, depending on the specific requirements of the plants you are planting. Dig small holes that are slightly larger than the root balls of the plugs, and plant them at the same depth they were grown in the nursery. Water the plugs thoroughly, and continue to water them regularly until they are established.

By planting native plant plugs, you can add a variety of native plants to your landscape and help support the local ecosystem.

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