Installing Sod in San Francisco County

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Welcome everyone to Sod and Seed, Inc.'s list of considerations on what to look for when installing or remodeling a lawn in San Francisco County. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment area provided below, no registration is required.

List of Considerations for Lawn Work in San Francisco

These are many but not all important considerations to make when working on a lawn project in San Francisco. Additional considerations should be made based upon the conditions and work planned for each individual property, and will likely vary. 

  • Location and Accessibility: San Francisco County is a complicated area to navigate. Deliveries into San Francisco can take a little longer due to the fact it takes hours to get a semi truck or one of our smaller trucks in and out of the large island city, however we do provide FREE delivery! San Francisco
  • Encumbrance Permit: County might also need an encumbrance permit if taking up large amounts of space for more than a couple of hours, such as for lawn installation or larger renovation work. If you have a large area, or you do not have a standard driveway, you might need this permit for a day or two. This is a consideration to make for lawn installations and larger projects, and not to be mistaken for irrigation work or electrical work involved in some sprinkler systems.
  • City guidelines for property work: We always recommend you check with your city whenever working on a property, as they will outline safety guidelines and protocols to follow.
  • 811: If you are digging or trenching as part of the project, we always recommend contacting 811. This is a public service that will come out and mark the gas, water, electric, and/or cable lines in front of your property and through your lawn areas to ensure you do not hit any old lines while working.
  • Water Main Shut-Off Valve: Always locate your water main shut-off valve prior to starting work. Whenever digging or doing other types of work, this can save you big time in case of a renovation emergency.

Recommended Sod Types for San Francisco

While every area should be matched with a sod type that would best suit those specific conditions, there are general recommendations that we have learned are true because of specific factors such as sunlight and shade exposure and foot traffic. Here they are!

Our first recommendation for San Francisco is our Shade Blend. 
shade blend sod
Our best-selling type of grass in San Francisco, for reasons such as small lawns and high buildings, is our special Shade Blend. Our Shade Blend sod is a hybrid fescue that was specifically manufactured to have higher tolerance to shady environments.
Our second place recommendation is our BlueRye. 
Our BlueRye offers a soft textured grass and is very popular for families with younger children. We love to hear about young kids being able to enjoy playing outside without scratches, micro-cuts and nicks rougher grasses might cause. Please note, our BlueRye is not recommended for properties with large pets. Our BlueRye also offers one of our highest quality looks and is often considered our most aesthetic sod selection. 

Thank you for reading our blog on San Francisco lawns! Check out our DIY Prep and Install Bloghttp://bayareasodandseed.c-om/how-to-install/ for guidance on how to install a lawn yourself. This blog can also be a great resource to keep at hand if you have a team doing the work, in order to note if proper steps are being taken. As always, feel free to give us a call with any questions or if you want help placing an order at 925-435-7874! We hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Do you have grass that can tolerate high foot traffic, and do you deliver here in San Francisco?

    Charlie P. Lee on
  • Hello Mark! The Hybrid Fescue Bluegrass is a very easy to grow grass. It only requires minimal irrigation because of its roots’ capability to retain water and drought tolerance. The hybrid fescue grass is excellent for backyar and playparks beacuse it can tolerates heavy foot traffic, and activities like children playing on the property.

    Lizza L. on
  • Hi Team, please tell me about this Hybrid Fescue Bluegrass.

    Mark Gibney on
  • We had a great experience with George and his crew. We are so happy to have found this company. They were such a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were on time, professional and responsive. They worked very hard in the heat to get our project done quickly. I am very impressed with their service and recommend them to everyone I know! Thank you for a job well done.

    Richard Otto on
  • Hello Thomas! Yes, Celebration Bermuda is a low-maintenance product perfect for athletic fields and lawns. If you are looking for the right grass product to fit your needs, this is the answer!

    Lizza L. on

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