How durable is mow free grass?

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How durable is the mow-free grass?

How durable is the mow-free grass? Can kids play on it, and is full sun okay for mow-free grass?

Mow free grass also known as red fescue, fine fescue, or creeping fescue is a great grass for areas with sun and shade. Mow free grass in sod form after farming and established has the highest rating in shade tolerance at 10 out of 10 because of this, many people question can mow free survive in direct sun?

Yes, Mow Free grass will do great in direct sun. Mow free or no mow also has a native version for California that can even further reduce water use. The natives reduce water consumption by 50 percent compared to your standard mow free but is a little rougher blade vs our standard mow free.

Native Mow Free

Can Mow Free handle kids play?

Mow free is rated and low to medium foot traffic, so yes kids could play in the grass and as long as it is mowed to a standard lawn height should be fine. This sod is not recommended for sports due to the nature of it usually being grown out.


How durable is mow free or no mow grass?

This depends on what you compare durable to. Can mow free be walked on daily as a path area if mowed yes, now can it take the same traffic while 12-18" long no.

If the lawn is maintained as a normal lawn, you should be able to use it with light foot traffic and children. If the lawn is grown out, you cannot expect kids to play in it without some damage due to the sheer amount of force applied to such a delicate blade.

 Is Mow Free a good sod?

Mow free is an excellent sod for areas with sun and shade or areas you want to keep long like wavy grass along a windy area. This sod can handle light foot traffic and all information on this sod as well as the native version are included below.






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  • Hello Tim, Kurapia sod is California’s newest ground cover and one of the oldest. It is drought tolerant and can tolerate some shade and foot traffic. Kurapia sod needs up to 60% less water than cool-season turfgrasses. Kurapia does not need to be mowed for aesthetic reasons, but it can be desired. Kurapias can be left to grow in their natural state, making them a low-maintenance option. Here is one of our blogs about Kurapia. Please click the link below:

    More information about Kurapia:"

    Lizza L. on
  • I am torn between Kurapia and Mow-free grass. Can you tell me more about Kurapia?

    Tim Anderson on
  • We installed this grass on my property in San Diego, and I’ve been blown away by the results. This grass is fine fescue with low maintenance requirements. I like how dense the grass is; it fills in my poor spots and eliminates the need to worry about weeds.

    Gianna Perez on
  • I’ve been using this product for years, and I’m thrilled with the quality. I’ve tried many other brands, but none compares to this one. It’s durable, low maintenance, and a good value for the money. It’s great for a wide range of applications.

    Joy Espinosa on
  • The fact that Mow Free Grass can stay green all year and it tolerates drought, moderate foot traffic, and weeds. This fescue will save you time and money.

    Miruna Frey on

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