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California Sod and Grass Seed Delivery

Grass can be a bit tricky, finding the correct sod blend or matching your current lawn for grass seed can seem impossible. Sod and Seed is here to help you with trained staff that know grass. We specialize in sod delivery and grass seed delivery. We test all sod in house and grass seed to make sure the ratings producers have are correct.


Above a Picture of Sod and Seed Inc. Grass Testing

 Most of us think there are only a couple kinds of grass but here we have grass for everything from NFL stadiums to cemetery's to plastic free food grade grass and seed. Sod and Seed delivery and farming all year to provide safe water wise plants.

Sod Help from Professionals

Sod delivery is expensive and we want to give you and your lawn the best chance for success for a life time. Here is a list of grasses we know work in  California. How do we know? We are Sod and Seed, the name explains it all. We specialize in grass cultivating assuring you get the freshest product delivered direct from the farm to your home. Our grass seed has no fillers and is shipped with tracking information all direct from the farm.

Professional Sod Installation
Mow Free Grass Seed Testing with Helper

Sod Selection and Seed Selection

Our selection consists of Native grass, Hybrid Grass, Classic grass blends, and alternative sods and plugs like Kurapia ground cover and moss groundcovers.

List of Sod Delivery for California Loading One Moment Please

Here is our full grass selection including ratings and explanations on what they can handle and what the can not. The list is very large the largest sod selection in California please give it a second to load and thank you for visiting Sod and Seed Inc lawn delivery website.



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  • “Hello, Kathy! Thanks for your comment. For your No Mow order, you may check the link below for placing orders:"

    Lizza L. on
  • Where can I place my order? I wanted to get some No Mow.

    Kathy Bills on
  • Thank you Denise Right now Tall Fescue sod in California is the most popular blend with Bermudagrass a close second.

    George Bravos on
  • Thank you. For me, Tall fescue is amazing. It works well in my yard.

    Denise Francis on

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