Medallion Dwarf Bonsai Fescue

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Medallion Dwarf Bonsai Fescue Sod Information

Medallion Dwarf with Bonsai, 100% dwarf fescue grass, is a mixture of dwarf and double dwarf fescue grass with a slower growth rate and finer texture than standard or tall fescue grasses. Medallion bonsai grass is 100 percent dwarf fescue giving this fescue a very uniform look.

Medallion dwarf fescue is great for families with allergens to grass due to its very low pollen count, unlike bluegrass rye grass or other hybrid grass types. 

Medallion Dwarf Bonsai fescue can hold up to moderate foot traffic and does not need as much maintenance or fertilizing due to its slow growth patterns. Dwarf fescues like medallion bonsai prefer direct sun and can withstand high temperatures without being stressed out or damaged.

Medallion Dwarf Bonsai Fescue Ratings

Medallion Dwarf Fescue Ratings 1–10 (10 being best)

Medallion Dwarf Fescue Drought tolerance: 9

Medallion Dwarf Fescue Disease resistance: 8

Medallion Dwarf Fescue Wear recovery: 7.5

Medallion Dwarf Fescue Shade tolerance: 5

Medallion Dwarf Fescue Heat tolerance: 9

 Medallion sod delivery requires 3-day advance notice, or you can call the office of availability.


**Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer is always recommended when sodding/seeding a lawn.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews Write a review