Ryegrass Sod

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Ryegrass Sod Ratings 

Ryegrass Sod Ratings 1 - 10 (10 being best)

Ryegrass sod Drought Tolerance: 7

Ryegrass sod Disease Resistance: 7

Ryegrass sod Wear Recovery: 4

Ryegrass sod Shade Tolerance: 4

Ryegrass sod Heat Tolerance: 7


Ryegrass Seed

Ryegrass seed direct from the farm with no fillers. Our 100 percent ryegrass seed blend is the same exact grass seed we use for our Ryegrass Sod. All ryegrass seed is farm grade and used in-house by sod and seed for our grass blends. Each Ryegrass seed blend has been tested by Sod and Seed for quality and drought tolerance and has passed all of Sod and Seed Incs. stress testing.

100% ryegrass seed is perfect for overseeding bermudagrass lawns during the cool season and this is the exact ryegrass we use at the farm to oversee our bermudagrass selections. Our ryegrass seed has been used for years in multiple blends are we are proud to be able to provide the same quality grass seed to our customers. Please click the link below to visit our ryegrass seed page.


Ryegrass Sod Information

Our Ryegrass is a vigorous growing sod that has a beautiful dark green color year-round. Its subtle textured blade thrives in cool to warm climates. Our Ryegrass has a speedy recovery from wear and tear all year, ensuring a healthy, green lawn through every season, including a beautiful winter color. It has great tolerance to disease and heat as well. It has equal resistance to drought as well, for those hot summer days! Our  100% Ryegrass has proved it is well suited for soils of regions such as the Northern California region, though it is native to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Africa. Our Ryegrass is considered a sports turf, so it is a great choice for many applications. It is very popular and has shown good health for our California customers in areas such as the Oakland Hills, Orinda, and Lafayette, with mostly sun and some shade exposure.  

Sod and Seed, Inc. has also seen our Ryegrass have one of the authentic green colors, staying healthy with regular and proper maintenance. We love our sod mixtures with Ryegrass because it provides increased shade tolerance, which many California Bay Area homes have due to trees, hills, and high buildings. If you're looking for a lawn that will be green year-round, soft, and resilient, look no further than our 100% Ryegrass! 

Our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer is always recommended when sodding/seeding a lawn. You can shop our Starter Fertilizer at the link below or add it to your cart at check out.


Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews Write a review