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California Native Phyla Nodiflora

Phyla Nodiflora is a California Native ground cover that requires half the water of grass and never needs to be mowed. Never worry about missing a mowing session again! Seasonal trimming and edging with minimal vertical growth, this lippia hugs the ground, and instead of blades that grow up, its leaves grow out sideways. Phyla Nodiflora, or common lippia, works well in direct sun and prefers hot climates. Phyla Nodiflora, like Lippia, expands out like bermudagrass and will self-repair if damaged. Phyla Nodiflora or Lippia ground cover has the highest drought tolerance. Phykla Nodiflora has amazing recoverability after severe drought conditions making it an excellent ground cover option to replace traditional sod or grass.

Lawn Alternative Phyla Nodiflora the lippia ground cover

Phyla Nodiflora, also nicknamed Frog fruit, is native to both North America and South America. Preferring the hot weather lippia like Phyla Nodiflora work perfectly in direct sun and prefer the heat, as mentioned above. This plant will thrive in hot climates and is not recommended for anywhere with snow or heavy frost. Phyla Nodiflora also goes by the name turkey tangler on the east coast and has multiple versions in the Florida area.

Phyla Nodiflora works best in North America due to the evergreen qualities of the ground cover. Phyla Nodiflora stays close to the ground growing as high as 3" before laying down. As the plant grows from plugs, the stocks begin to thicken, keeping most of the leaves flat on the ground giving a great weed barrier and also allowing next to no maintenance.

Native Phyla Nodiflora or Kurapia

Phyla Nodiflora is a plant used to produce kurapia, a new hybrid version of Phyla Nodiflora. The difference between these two plants is that the kurapia ground cover is sterile, and the Phyla Nodiflora ground cover is not sterile, reproducing with seed. Both Kurapia ground cover and Phyla Nodiflora are evergreens and very drought tolerant. The most visible difference being the Phyla Nodiflora ground cover produces purple flowers instead of white like kurapia, but this can be variations in PH in soil and weather. It should also be noted that our Phyla Nodiflora is Native to California, while the Hybrid version was developed in Japan, giving it different conditions and changing flower color.

Phyla Nodiflora as a Pollinator

Early May Phyla Nodiflora ground cover begins to bloom tiny white, yellow, and purple flowers that are a great source of pollen for the local ecosystem. If there is anyone with bee allergies or if you would rather not have the flowers, just mow every 2 weeks until the end of the flower season. The flowers, after dying, are safe to leave on the lawn or mowed as well. It should be noted that while you do not need to mow if you wish to keep a healthy, full lawn, we do tell people that can be an option; just start at the highest setting before ever trimming.


Phyla Nodiflora Plugs

Phyla Nodiflora is currently available in plug form and has a 1-3 week advance order request. All of our plugs come in standard plug trays and are always recommended to be planted as soon as possible. Here we provide the best care making sure our Phyla Nodiflora plugs are healthy and ready to be planted. If you need larger or smaller sizes in frog fruit or lippia ground cover, contact us directly at 925-435-7874.


Phyla Nodiflora Ground Cover Drought Tolerance

Native ground covers tend to be better and require less water and maintenance than traditional grass lawns. If an area has damage, they heal faster in the hotter weather than compared to cool season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass.

Phyla Nodiflora Ground Cover Availability

We are currently about 2-3 weeks out on our phyla nodiflora or frog fruit current orders placed. Please give our staff a call for an updated delivery timeline.

Phyla Reviews

Phyla Nodiflora reviews can be found on this page and our frog fruit page. If you have any questions about phyla nodiflora feel free to give us a call at 925-435-7874.

Phyla Nodiflora Plug Delivery

All of our Phyla Nodiflora plugs are shipped with certified mail unless close to the farm located in California. Phyla nodiflora is durable but should be installed in your lawn area as soon as possible. Make sure to plant the phyla nodiflora plug about 1/8 of an inch below grade and cover it with soil for good soil contact.

Phyla Nodiflora Plant Delivery

We currently only provide the native version of the phyla nodiflora plant however, if looking for a similar product in sod form, please visit our kurapia sod from our sod selection page. We currently do not sell Phyla Nodiflora seed at this time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review