California Native Mow Free Sod

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California Native Mow Free Sod Information

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Our Native Mow Free sod is a mixture of Idaho Fescue, Molate Fescue, and Western Mokelumne Fescue. It is one of our most beloved state grasses! It has many benefits such as drought tolerance, shade tolerance, supporting erosion control, and is very low maintenance. Most markedly, it is cultivated for areas that are up to 50% shady throughout the day. It has glossy, fine, narrow grass blades, an amazing purple look to its seeding, and is slower growing. Its lax and meadow-like look will be sure to improve your curb appeal!

Native Mow Free Sod Drought Tolerance

Our Native Mow Free, similar to our Non-Native Mow Free or No Mow, has excellent drought tolerance. Its elegant blades retain more moisture for dryer days, and its structure when grown out allows for increased retention of water beneath the blade's highest surface. While it establishes well with cool weather environments, it still has great drought tolerance. 

Native Mow Free Sod Shade Tolerance

One of the most marked traits of our Native Mow Free is its superb shade tolerance. This state grass is cultivated for areas that receive up to 50% shade throughout the day. 

Native Mow Free Sod Erosion Control

Our Native Mow Free is also an exceptional grass selection to support erosion control. For example, it is often seen on sloped areas, hills, steep inclines, and edges of lawns. Its structure supports its ability to provide the soil beneath it with stabilization. 

Native Mow Free Low Sod Maintenance

This turf type is one of our most low-maintenance options. Our Native Mow Free sod is one of many varieties of grass that can thrive with very little maintenance. It is versatile in that it can be maintained or left un-mowed, especially f you're looking for a meadow-like appearance. This is a slower-growing sod, adding to the limited maintenance it will require. You get the best of both worlds - a lawn cover that looks great and requires little to no attention. It is easier on residential and commercial property owners for its low maintenance, saving both time and cost.

Native Mow Free Sod - Mowing and Cutting Recommendations

Generally, the Native Mow Free grass will reach a height of 8-10 inches and then start to layover on itself in un-mowed areas. Most often in mid and late spring, areas are string-trimmed once or twice per year to remove the florets or seed heads. The most common tool used to cut the grass to its preferred height is a string trimmer or weed eater. The leaf-blade must never be cut more than 1/3 of its total height per mow cycle. Extension risers on your sprinkler system are recommended to use at 12-18 inches in order to achieve complete and sufficient irrigation coverage. Heavy chemical fertilizers are required less since this is a native plant. Preferably, a prolonged-release or organic fertilizer in the spring and fall, and remember to water well!

Native Mow Free Grass Seed

Are you interested in seeding your lawn instead of sodding it? CLICK HERE to view our Native Mow Free Grass Seed! Your Native Mow Free grass seed is shipped directly from the farm to your home.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews Write a review