Buffalo Grass

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Buffalo Grass 

Buffalo grass, more commonly known as St. Augustine grass, has the highest shade tolerance of our thick drought tolerant style grasses. Saint Augustine is a warm-season grass and does well with coastal and subtropical areas. Coastal areas along with Florida and southern California due to Buffalo grass's high tolerance to salt. Buffalo grass blade growth and sod rooting cycle heavily revolves around the temperatures like the Bermudas and slows down during colder months.

Buffalograss Sod

Widely used in tropical and subtropical areas, Buffalo grass is related to Hawaiian island Augustine grass.

Buffalo grass
California has a massive demand for this type of grass, as a lawn and seasonally runs out very fast. So if you have any questions about buffalo grass or st Augustine sod, please feel free to give us in the chat or give us a call.
This grass loves hot and humid areas. While popular in central and southern California works perfectly in hot humid and Meditteranean climates. sod sells out each year and we find more and more cities using St. Augustine using in public works.


Min. 500 sq ft; delivered to LA county.

Buffalo Grass Ratings, Reviews, and Pricing

Pricing is available in the drop-down menu, and sod pricing includes delivery tax is based on the county of purchase.

Buffalo Grass Ratings

Buffalo grass  Ratings 1 - 10 (10 being best)

Buffalo grass  Drought tolerance: 6

Buffalo grass  Disease resistance: 9

Buffalo grass  sod Wear resistance:  4

Buffalo grass  shade tolerance: 8

Buffalo grass  Recovery from wear: 4

Buffalo grass  Winter color: 3

Buffalo grass  Heat tolerance: 5


Buffalo grass or st augustine grass rating


 **Sod and Seed starter fertilizer are always recommended when sodding/seeding a lawn.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews Write a review