Installation of Sod Up to 2000 sq ft

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Installation of Sod Up to 2000 sq ft

Installation of sod purchased and delivered through our company is for areas up to 2,000 square feet. Our sod installation crew will deliver the sod on a pallet, take the sod from the pallet, install it onto the level dirt area, and use a sod roller to roll the grass after layout installation. It is standard practice that our semi truck will arrive before our sod installation crew or at the same time and deliver the sod.

If needed, our sod installation crew will then load the sod with wheelbarrows, transport it to the lawn area, and install the sod. Our installation team will cut out the perimeter or border of the sod lawn, take the leftover scraps, load them into our truck, and roll the area to ensure direct contact between the soil and sod. After that, our sod installation crew will gather the pallets, and any remaining sod, load everything up, and then proceed to dispose of the material waste, leaving you an instant lawn. Just add water!

Please let our installation crew know if you would like to keep the excess material and/or pallet(s).

Watering a New Sod Lawn

Water, water, water! Keep the newly installed sod lawn wet during the day and let it dry in the evening and night. You want the sod to feel like a sponge, wet enough to keep roots growing. However, ensure the lawn has enough air to let it breathe at night, DO NOT WATER AT NIGHT. Generally, we recommend watering 3-4 times daily for 10-15 minutes if on a sprinkler system, between 5 am - 2 pm. Check the lawn daily for 2-3 weeks, watering early in the morning and early afternoon but NOT at night (unless bone dry and looking damaged or wilted). Overwatering can lead to root rot down the road. This amount of water on your sod is acceptable if needed and if the lawn can breathe. Otherwise, avoid letting the lawn have sitting water. 

Lay Out Sod Installation

Our sod installation service does NOT include tear-out of the old lawn, soil preparation, or grading. Our focus at Sod and Seed, Inc. is farming high-quality sod that is delivered promptly and safely. Our installation staff is specialized in cutting sod and laying sod. Due to the weight and sheer amount of work needed alone for sod production, we can not provide other services besides delivery and installation. 

Starter Fertilizer for New Sod Lawns

For all sod installations, we recommend using our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer to speed up the rooting process and give the grass the best chance at building the deepest root system early on. Our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer is meant for grass seed and sod, as well as our Kurapia Ground Cover and Lippia (Phyla Nodiflora, Frog Fruit, Texas Turkey Tangle). Our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer can be used year-round on newly installed lawns. We recommend two applications of our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer, once when the lawn is first installed and then again two months later. After that, you can use our Lawn Food Fertilizer. 

Accessibility, Availability, and Additional Costs

Our sod installation services include the above-stated services only. Some factors may impact pricing and/or availability. Examples include but are not limited to:


Factors include sloped areas, stairs or steps, smaller trucks for sod delivery, backyard installations requiring access through the home (i.e., SF homes without side gates for accessing backyard installs), generally hard-to-access areas, etc.

Additional Labor

Factors such as pavers, stepping stones, special cuts, unusually shaped areas, etc. 


Some sod types may be seasonally unavailable for installation due to weather conditions, heavy rain, or being sold out. Always check our sod product page to ensure sod delivery is currently available. Please give us one-week advanced notice for sod delivery with sod installation. This way, we have time to coordinate our staffing and routing properly. If you have any questions about sod delivery or sod installation, please give us a call at 1-800-381-8163. 

How to Lay Sod 

Doing the job yourself? Check out our DIY Prep and Install Guide for a step-by-step guide to sod tear out, prep, and install. Our guide on how to lay sod can also be used as a checklist to ensure all proper steps are taken. 

*****All installations are based on availability, staffing, routing, and accessibility. Limitations may apply.*****

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review