Hybrid Tall Fescue with Bluegrass

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Hybrid Tall Fescue and Bluegrass Sod Ratings

Hybrid Tall Fescue and Bluegrass Ratings 1-10 (10 being best)

Hybrid Tall Fescue Sod Drought Tolerance: 9 

Hybrid Tall Fescue Sod Heat Tolerance: 9 

Hybrid Tall Fescue Sod Disease Resistance: 8

Hybrid Tall Fescue Sod Wear Recovery: 8.5

Hybrid Tall Fescue Sod Shade Tolerance: 6 

Hybrid Tall Fescue with Bluegrass Grass Seed Available

We are proud to offer you our high-quality, farm-grade seed for our Hybrid Tall Fescue! You may purchase the same seed used to grow our sod at any time at the link below (also found under our SEED section from our HOME PAGE):


Hybrid Tall Fescue and Bluegrass Sod Description and Information

Our Hybrid Tall Fescue with Bluegrass also called 90/10 grass, tall fescue, or tall 9010, is our most popular sod for its tolerance to high foot traffic and dogs, among other traits. This mix of grass has a deep rooting system, excels in disease resistance, and is perfect for wear and tear tolerance with fast recovery. In addition, our Hybrid Tall Fescue with Bluegrass sod has one of the best green colors and stays green all year. In addition to giving your property a beautiful, distinct look, our Hybrid Tall Fescue and Bluegrass also helps keep the inside of your home cleaner by catching and collecting dust that would otherwise make its way into your home. Our Hybrid Tall Fescue and Bluegrass is our best-selling sod for its highly organic soil base, which helps it absorb and retain water, hence keeping the soil moisturized as long as possible while providing nutreints to help new sod establish fast.. 

Tall Fescue Sod Drought and Heat Tolerance

90/10 tall fescue has deep roots, the Hybrid Tall Fescue gathers water from within its soil and retains it for ongoing growth and health. Deep rooting grass can withstand harsh conditions during dry periods and is resistant to high temperatures. This Hybrid Tall Fescue on peat soil base also saves water because of its soil composition.

Tall Fescue Sod Tolerance to Heavy Foot Traffic

Our Hybrid Tall Fescue sod will tolerate heavy foot traffic. Its thick and dense nature gives it a hearty blade, making it a great option for sports areas and children playing, such as backyards and parks. On this mix, foot traffic does not leave a patchy, damaged lawn after activities—perfect grass for homes with children.

Tall Fescue Sod Recovery from Wear and Tear

In addition to tolerance to heavy foot traffic, Our Hybrid Tall Fescue sod has the capacity to recover from wear and tear with fast recovery. Hybrid grasses are great, traditionally a perfect sod option for a high-quality and attractive lawn. When damaged, fescues grow back without leaving patches in the yard. 

Tall Fescue Sod Adaptive Features

Our Hybrid Tall Fescue and Bluegrass can live through winter and fall and, when tended to properly, is adaptive to winter conditions. Unlike the Bermudas, this grass maintains its deep, green color year-round, keeping a beautiful lawn in every season of the year! 

Tall Fescue Sod Mowing Directions

The nature of our Hybrid Tall Fescue and Bluegrass grass makes it very easy to maintain. A lawn made up of the Hybrid Tall Fescue and Bluegrass requires mowing it 1-2 inches, and never more than 1/3 of the sod blade's total length. When considering watering maintenance, our Hybrid Tall Fescue requires minimal irrigation because of its roots' capability to retain water and drought tolerance. 

Tall Fescue Sod Disease Resistance

Our Hybrid Tall Fescue sod also makes for a healthy and long-lasting lawn because of its disease-resistant capabilities. Its dense nature helps it fight off disease and pests. 

Our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer is always recommended when sodding/seeding a lawn. You can shop our Starter Fertilizer at the link below, or add it to your cart at check out. Our starter is safe and tested on 90/10 tall fescue and is used by workers at home!


Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews Write a review