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Hillside Fine Fescue Sod

West Coast Hillside Fine fescue also goes by the popular name no mow and mow free. Hillside sod is a mixture of mow-free style fine fescue grasses. Hillside sod is a mix of Navigation II creeping red fescue, Heron hard fescue, and Radar chewings fescue. Creeping fescues are very popular due to the versatility of the blades. Hillside sod blades are folded inwards giving the thinnest blade with the strongest up right strength.  The blade is a soft thin year green that you can cut short like a normal lawn or is able to be grown out to over a foot. Hillside fescue will give you superior shade tolerance with little maintenance and a soft beautiful lawn short or tall.The Hillside Fine Fescue makes for a low-maintenance lawn because of its ability to grow to taller heights compared to other turf types. In addition to the benefit of providing a low-maintenance lawn, the Hillside fine fescue will perform well on shady lawns, as well as sunny lawns. The Hillside Fine Fescue sod has a beautiful, green color and desired fine texture. 

Hillside Sod Delivery

Hillside sod requires 2-3 days advance notice for standard delivery. We hope that when searching or looking for fine fescue or no mow sod near me you think Sod and Seed. All No Mow Hillside sod orders andhillside grass seed orders are verified before shipping to confirm sod or seed delivery amount and location. A calendar should pop up after a minute at the top of this page to see availability. fine fescue grass Seed delivery is shipped UPS with verified shipping presented after verification. All Hillside fine fescue sod is cut to ship direct from the farm and is never held in stock. We are proud to offer sod delivery all year for our hillside mow free sod and for our no mow grass seed mix. Please give us 2-3 days advance notice for all Hillside no mow sod deliveries. If you need to customize a fine fescue order or want to know if you can get it faster than what our sod delivery calendar shows. Please call our sod farm dispatch to see earliest availability. 925-435-7874
Mow free hillside sod delivery with sod installation requires both the sod and sod installation must be ordered and requires 6-8 days in advance unless only a sod delivery in which we need 2-3 days advance notice. Hillside fine fescue sod installation does NOT include tear out of old lawn or prep work. If you need a sooner sod delivery and sod installation need give us a call directly at 925-435-7874

Hillside Sod Installation

When Hillside sod installation service is purchased we provide the laying of the sod, cutting the sod, rolling the sod, and taking the sod waste and pallets. hillside sod installation can be purchased under our services tab. Sod delivery and Sod installation timelines for each of our sod and seed products are different please refer to the exact sod or grass seed type ordered for proper timeline and availability.

Hillside Fine Fescue Mowing Recommendations

Hillside fine fescue sod, a blend of 3 fine fescue turf types, offers a slow-growing, easy-to-maintain lawn. Hillside Fine Fescue can be left not mowed for a meadow-like look or mowed to a regular lawn height and any mowing height in-between. The recommended mowing height for the Hillside Fine Fescue is as short as 2” to as tall as varying un-mowed heights. A sharp rotary mower is recommended.

Hillside Fine Fescue Applications

The Hillside Fine Fescue is best for large landscapes such as parks, cemeteries, golf course roughs, and other sports fields. The Hillside Fine Fescue is equally well-applied for residential areas, including windy areas and areas with shade. Overall, the Hillside Fine Fescue is a great choice for any lawn!

Fertilizer for Grass

Our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer is always recommended when sodding a new lawn. CLICK HERE to view more on our starter fertilizer. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews Write a review