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Elite Plus Sod Rating

Elite Plus Sod Ratings 1-10 (10 being best)

Elite Plus Sod Drought Tolerance: 9

Elite Plus Sod Heat tolerance: 7.5

Elite Plus Sod Wear Resistance: 7.5

Elite Plus Sod Wear Recovery: 7.5

Elite Plus Sod Disease Resistance: 8

Elite Plus Sod Shade tolerance: 7.5

Elite Plus Sod Winter color: 9.5

 Elite Plus sod and grass seed have been tested in-house at Sod and Seed Incorporated to confirm ratings as well as tested to certify under the Water Star water-saving certifications.

Elite Plus Sod Information

The Elite Plus Sod has been one of the most popular blends we have carried since opening. We can deliver Elite Plus sod to the majority of California since this fescue grass mix can handle hot heat and direct sun. We strive to provide the best Elite Plus Sod and In working with our customers to find what was in demand and what would suit their needs. Elite Plus sod has quickly become a favorite due to the thick drought-tolerant tall fescue mixed with Kentucky bluegrass. Elite Plus sod provides superior drought tolerance that California and beyond, need. Our Elite Plus Sod is 90% Dwarf Tall Fescue and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass. It has a dark, blue-green color year-round. The Elite Plus sod is categorized as a Dwarf Tall Fescue mixture. The dwarf in Elite plus sod refers to the refining of tall fescues into slower growing more manageable lawns. makes it slower-growing, requiring less mowing, and making elite plus sod lower maintenance than other fescues. Elite plus sod is a 10 percent Kentucky Bluegrass mixture that increases its self-repairing and recovery features, as well as Elite plus sod's softer texture when compared to full hybrid grasses and native grass. Elite Plus sod is an all-around great selection offering drought tolerance, heat tolerance, shade tolerance, wear and tear resistance, and recovery, as well as disease resistance for the whole year. Elite Plus sod is a great option for high foot traffic areas and busy families, pets included.

Elite Plus Sod Delivery

Elite Plus sod requires 2-3 days advance notice for standard delivery. We hope that when searching or looking for Elite plus sod near me you think Sod and Seed Incorporated. All Elite Plus sod orders and Elite Plus grass seed orders are verified before shipping to confirm sod or seed delivery amount and location. A calendar should pop up after a minute at the top of this page to see availability. Elite Plus grass Seed delivery is shipped UPS with verified shipping presented after verification. All Elite plus Sod is cut to ship direct from the farm and is never held in stock.
Elite Plus sod delivery with sod installation requires both the sod and sod installation must be ordered and requires 6-8 days in advance unless only a sod delivery in which we need 2-3 days advance notice. Elite plus sod installation does NOT include tear out of old lawn or prep work. If you need a sooner sod delivery and sod installation need give us a call directly at 925-435-7874

Elite Plus Sod Installation

If Elite Plus sod installation service is purchased we provide the laying of the sod, cutting the sod, rolling the sod, and taking the sod waste and pallets. Elite sod installation can be purchased under our services tab. Sod delivery and Sod installation timelines for each of our sod and seed products are different please refer to the exact sod or grass seed type ordered for proper timeline and availability.


Elite Plus Sod Lawn Care Recommendations

Elite Plus Sod Mowing Recommendations

Your newly installed Elite plus sod should be mowed for the first time 14-21 days after installation. Begin by setting the lawnmower to its highest setting, lowering the settings by 1 every mowing session. Generally, Elite Plus sod should be mowed to a height of    1-1/2 to 2-1/2 inches. Weekly mowing is recommended except in cold weather, when mowing may be less frequent. We recommend never mowing more than one-third of the blade's total height at any given time as this may harm Elite plus fescue along with many other types of grass and plants.

Elite Plus Sod Watering Recommendations

For the first 20 days (or 2 - 3 weeks), water the lawn as needed to keep the topsoil moist to a 3-inch depth. After 20 days (or 2 - 3 weeks), water three or more times a week during warmer weather. In cooler weather, watering may take place once or twice a week, depending on conditions. Lawns in sandy soil require more frequent watering than lawns in clay soil, and inland areas require more water than coastal areas. Pay close attention to areas with slopes and mounds where runoff occurs, as this will affect the lawns' ability to absorb and retain water. In these cases, more frequent, shorter watering may be necessary.

Elite Plus Sod Roll Dimensions

Elite Plus Sod rolls come in 4-foot long by 2-foot wide rolls and vary in weight depending on outdoor conditions and moisture. Elite Plus sod is cut to ship daily and is guaranteed fresh. Our delivery window currently is about two to three days out for elite plus and is first come first serve. The average weight of a roll of elite plus sod can vary depending on the weather but average about 35 lbs per sod roll.

Elite Plus Starter Fertilizer

Our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer has been tested in-house on elite plus sod and elite plus grass seed to guarantee the best quality. Elite Plus Starter fertilizer is always recommended when sodding/seeding a lawn. You can shop our Starter Fertilizer at the link below, or add it to your cart at check out.


Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews Write a review