Delta Tifway 2

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Delta Tifway 2 Ratings

Delta Tifway 2 Ratings 1 - 10 (10 being best)

Tifway 2 sod Drought Tolerance: 9.5

Tifway 2 sod Disease Resistance: 9.5

Tifway 2 sod Wear Recovery: 9.5

Tifway 2 sod Shade Tolerance: 2

Tifway 2 sod Heat Tolerance: 8


Delta Tifway 2 Information

Delta Tifway 2 is a unique Hybrid Bermuda. It has many benefits such as excellent drought tolerance and great heat tolerance. Our Delta Tifway 2 also has excellent recovery rates from wear and tear damage. It also has outstanding disease resistance. It is ideal for athletic fields with higher foot traffic and impact. One key factor for this trait is its high wear and tear recovery rate. Our Delta Tifway 2 thrives in full sun, though it has some shade tolerance. Because it's a Bermuda grass, it does go dormant in the wintertime. The recommended mowing height is between 1/2 “ - 3/4 “.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews Write a review