Black Wood Chip Ground Cover

Black Wood Chip Ground Cover

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Black woodchips used as mulch is a great and safe groundcover for your pets and family that help reduce weeds, keep the dust down, and provide beautiful color and contrast to the home.

Black Wood Chip Delivery

Black Wood Chips are delivered by the Yard Via Dump Truck. We are currently shipping Black Wood Chip Monday-Saturday with a three to four day lead time required. All Wood Chip orders are freshly packed and never held in stock in bags unless ordered in bag form.

Pet Friendly Black Wood Chips

Our Black wood chip dye is pet friendly and safe for all outdoor environments. Our wood chips are natural and not man-made like other generic woodchips or plastic woodchips. Our Wood Chip quality for environmental safety is our first priority, making sure what is put into your soil is natural and organic in base, meaning no plastic or rubber included.