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Bayside Blend Bluegrass Ryegrass Sod

Bayside Bluerye sod blend is a soft textured slower-growing cool season grass. Bayside blue rye sod is thin bladed with a soft feeling blade. Bayside sod is perfect for young children and light activities. Bayside sod does not cope well with dog urine or heavy foot traffic. If bayside blue ryegrass gets damaged the kbg or Kentucky Bluegrass if maintained properly will fill in damaged areas healing bare spots with time. Bayside sod is available all year or while supplies last and is always but to ship directly from the farm. If you have any questions about our Bayside sod blend feel free to ask via email, chat, or by calling us at 925-435-7874


Bayside Blend Bluegrass Ryegrass Sod Information

Bayside Blend Bluegrass Ryegrass sod is a blue-rye mixture of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass that makes for a luscious blue-green lawn year-round anywhere in California. The Bayside Blue Rye Blend is 80% Kentucky Bluegrass and 20% Ryegrass. This unique mixture provides a carpet soft sod with a medium-fine texture. The Bayside sod Blend is superior in resisting diseases and its durability to wear and tear with a rapid recovery. Bayside sod blend Bluegrass Ryegrass prefers full sun but will tolerate moderate levels of shade. Bayside sod blend mixture soil is unique because it has great draining qualities for shadier or wet areas. Maintenance on this lawn is moderate, and the natural dark, green coloring helps provide a healthy lawn. 

The Bayside bluegrass ryegrass sod is great for areas where soft slow-growing grass is wanted. The Bayside sod blend is great for small kids or any area that gets regular watering. Bluegrass in Bayside sod repairs any damaged areas with proper maintenance keeping your soft area ready for fun, Bayside sod is a cool-season mixture and while this is used in warm climates does not hole up well to the heavy foot traffic of large pets. 

Bayside Sod 

Bayside sod is a perfect mixture of bluegrass and ryegrass to give all year green color and soft texture. Bayside sod can be used in lawn areas or actively in athletic fields. The KBG or Kentucky bluegrass we mix into bayside sod allows the grass to heal with proper care. Bayside sod can stand moderate sun and shade conditions and can thrive in direct sun. All grass including bayside sod needs at least 65% sun through the day so if a tree is shading an area, be sure to try to prune back to allow more light. Bayside Blue-rye sod is evergreen and is sold all year or until sold out. All Bayside blue rye sod orders are cut to ship and come direct from the farm to your home guaranteed fresh. Our average lead time is about 2-3 days in advance for blu-rye sod on weekdays and 3-4 day advance notice on weekends.

Bayside Blend Bluegrass Ryegrass Sod Benefits

Bayside sod with disease-resistant ryegrass creates resistance to disease by protecting the bluegrass roots with rye roots.Bayside sod can take a beating and self-repair with moderate durability to wear and tear.Bayside Blue-rye sod texture and Growth are Dense, uniform, and soft to the touch.Bayside sod while a cool-season grass can handle direct sun and thrive in areas with cool climates where frost and snow occur.

Grass Stripe Bluegrass With Bayside Sod

Do you enjoy striping your sod? Our bayside blue-rye can give you that contrast in color due to our 20 percent perennial ryegrass. ryegrass is very waxy on one side giving a great depth and contrast to the standard blade. Blue ryegrass mixes are the best visually for California and many other areas of America. Bayside bluegrass sod mix is great for areas that might stay wet through the year, as long as this bluegrass mix is getting enough light the ryegrass in the mixture should help boost the disease resistance.

Bayside Sod Roll Dimensions

Bayside sod rolls come in 18" or 1'-6" by 6' long equaling 9 square feet per roll. Bayside sod blend comes on a sandy loam base and has a lead time of 2-3 days. All Bayside sod orders will be cut and shipped within a 24-hour timeline guaranteeing the freshest sod cut to ship directly from the farm. Bayside sod is available all year or while sod supplies last.

Bayside Grass Seed

We are proud to offer the Bayside grass seed blend. The same seed that goes into the sod is also direct from our farm. With no fillers, bayside grass seed is the same farm-grade seed we use to produce your bayside sod.

Bayside Blend Bluegrass Ryegrass Sod Mowing Recommendations

The recommended mowing height for the Bayside BLend BLuegrass Ryegrass sod is 1/2" to 3". Bayside sod like many other blue-rye grasses gets stronger the mow you mow. For the best looking blue-rye sod we recommend mowing every 5-7 days, this helps the grass tell the roots to keep growing so the more the better. Never cut more than 1/3rd of bayside sod in terms of height. Start mowing at our highest setting and move your mower down by one setting each time you mow until you have desired height. Bayside blue-rye sod does well with bi weekly mowing along with weekly mowing.

Starter Fertilizer for Bayside Sod and Grass Seed 

A Starter Fertilizer for new lawns is recommended when sodding your lawn. CLICK HERE to view our Starter Fertilizer for grass, add it to your cart and it will be shipped with your sod! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews Write a review