Best Grass for Dogs

The best grass for active dogs most of the time will be a fescue sod. The reason we say fescue sod vs fescue seed is because the amount of time that would be required to produce a thick established lawn usually does not meet the timeline nor the amount of labor involved in seeding a lawn and weekly weeding.

Based on your location we have multiple grass options to choose from for your dog and the family to enjoy. We will start with a brief reason on why fescue is the best grass for dogs. First we start by stating no sod or grass is dog proof, each blade of grass is essentially its own plant so instead of having one lawn think of it as hundreds of thousands of plants. With this in mind we first figure out what can we do to help each plant thrive and also heal so if the dog does pee and burn the area or rips a area it can heal.

Tall Fescue