Sporting and Golfing grass

Durable tough sports grade turf

These types of grass will take a heavy foot traffic to repair themselves and be able to Because shorter than your standard lawn. These grasses are used in professional applications for baseball football tennis soccer and many other sports, including the Olympics. Many of these options are in our local golf courses and high schools. We can provide the same grass your favorite sports team plays on from the same field they order from. Our line or sports grass or sports turfs are able to cut low and have vertical and lateral growth, making sure every hole rut or damaged are is repaired.

Seasonal sports grasses and sports turfs

While All of these grasses do great in direct sun and hot climates, many do go dormant or to sleep during the winter. We have farm grade rye seed options if needing for over seeding to keep the lawn green all year.

Winter over seeding of bermudas

Areas with heavy activity in winter will want t over seed with a seed like ryegrass. This allows the area to stay green while the Bermuda grass is sleeping. If you have any questions about which type might work best for you please fell free to give us a call or chat with us.