The Best Sod for Stockton

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The Best Grass for Stockton

Stockton is a city in the Central Valley of California, located approximately 80 miles east of the San Francisco Bay Area. Stockton is a booming city known for a thriving agricultural industry, growing healthcare and education sector, rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant downtown area. Stockton is also home to several universities and colleges, including University of the Pacific and San Joaquin Delta College. Due to its geographical location, Stockton is also a popular destination for outdoor recreation, with easy access to the Sierra Nevada mountains, lakes, and rivers.

the best grass for stockton

Stockton's Regional Climate

The climate in Stockton, California is classified as a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. During the winter months, temperatures typically range from the mid-40s to mid-50s degrees Fahrenheit (7-13 degrees Celsius). Stockton typically receives most of its precipitation during the winter months, with occasional rain showers. Summers can be quite warm, with temperatures often reaching into the 90s and low 100s degrees Fahrenheit (mid-30s to low 40s degrees Celsius). The summer months in Stockton are generally dry, with little precipitation and high temperatures.

Delta Tall 9010 sod farm field (2022)

tall fescue sod grass
Overall, the weather in Stockton is warm and pleasant for much of the year, making it a great destination for outdoor activities and recreation. However, it's always a good idea to check the forecast before heading out, especially during the summer when temperatures can become extremely hot.

Kurapia Ground Cover

Kurapia is a type of ground cover that is known for its drought tolerance, low maintenance and dense growth, making the first top sod grass options for Stockton, California. Kurapia ground cover is a hybrid variety of grass that was specifically developed for landscaping and ground cover purposes. Some of the main benefits of Kurapia include:

Low Maintenance

Kurapia is known for its low maintenance requirements, requiring less water and fertilizer compared to other types of ground cover. Best of all, Kurapia ground cover never needs mowing! 

Drought Tolerance

Kurapia ground cover has a deep root system that allows it to withstand periods of drought and maintain a lush green appearance. Kurapia ground cover can save up to 60% on watering compared to traditional lawns. 

Check out our Kurapia sod testing video to see first hand why Kurapia is so popular!

Erosion Control

Kurapia ground cover has a dense growth pattern that helps to prevent soil erosion and maintain a stable soil structure.

Attractive Appearance

Kurapia ground cover has a lush, green appearance and a soft, carpet-like texture that makes it a popular choice for landscaping and ground cover. Kurapia ground cover grows laterally, not upward, so it fills itself in when damaged to avoid a patchy, dry-looking lawn.

Seasonal Flowering

Kurapia ground cover blooms miniature white flowers seasonally between the months of May and October. Pollinator plants, such as Kurapia ground cover, provide food for pollinators which in turn helps ensure the pollinators remain in the area and help with overall agricultural growth in Stockton. You can now help save the bees!


Fescue Sod Grass

Fescue sod grass, a type of cool-season grass, has several benefits that make it an ideal choice for lawns and landscaping in Stockton. Some of the main benefits of fescue sod grass include:

Drought tolerance

Diseases resistance

Year-round green appearance


Pet Friendly Grass

Watch our Founder and CEO, George Bravos, compare the Delta Tall 9010 and Bolero Plus. 

Below we have listed our top selling hybrid fescue sod grass options for Stockton, California. 

Delta Tall 9010

The Delta Tall 9010 has been the best-seller in Stockton for many years, and for good reason! The Delta Tall 9010 is a top performer in all the benefits listed above. The Delta Hybrid Tall Fescue with Kentucky Bluegrass is as the name indicates, a mix of 90 percent Tall Fescue and 10 percent Kentucky Bluegrass. 


West Coaster Tall Fescue

Our West Coaster Tall Fescue is another great option for fescue sod grass in Stockton. The West Coaster Tall Fescue and Delta Tall 9010 are similar in that they are both hybrid tall fescues. 



Low Maintenance Fescue Grass

Fescue sod grass is a top choice for Stockton for all of the reasons listed above, so when you can have a fescue sod grass that is also low maintenance, it's a bonus! Our two top Dwarf and Dwarf Tall Fescue sod grass options are listed below. 

Bolero Plus

Our Bolero Plus is a hybrid dwarf fescue with Kentucky Bluegrass. The unique blend of dwarf fescue sod grass has a slower growth pattern, making a lower maintenance sod option for Stockton. 


Elite Plus

Elite Plus has been a best-seller in the greater Stockton area for many years! As the old saying grows, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." If the Elite Plus has been a winner in Stockton, why change that? Elite Plus, like the Bolero plus Dwarf Fescue with KBG, has a slower growth pattern for lower maintenance. 



Fescue Grass for Shady Lawns

In a city as hot as Stockton, home owners are bound to need shady areas on their lawns to take cover on those hot, summer days. Our best option is listed below. 

Shade Blend

Shade Blend grass is a perfect fit for shady areas as it is cultivated with increased shade tolerance. Our Shady mix is a blend of 90 percent tall fescue and 10 percent fine fescue mix.



Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that is known for its ability to withstand heat, drought, and foot traffic, making it a popular choice for lawns and sports fields in warmer climates such as Stockton. Some of the main benefits of Bermuda grass include:

Drought Tolerance

Heat Tolerance

Wear Tolerance

Quick Recovery

Ease of Establishment

Low Maintenance

Versatile Use

Below, we have listed some of our top-performing and best-selling hybrid bermuda grass options. 


TIFTUF Bermuda grass is the newest and finest hybrid bermuda, with improved traits such as better shade tolerance and a shorter dormancy period compared to other bermuda grasses. TIFTUF will love the Stockton heat! 


Celebration Bermuda Grass

Celebration bermuda grass is another great sod option for Stockton. Celebration bermudagrass is a long-standing, best-seller among the hybrid bermuda turf options. 


Latitude 36 Hybrid Bermuda Grass

You may notice it can sometimes be hard to find the Latitude 36 bermuda grass, especially since it's one of the most popular sports turfs. Count on Sod and Seed, Inc. to provide Stockton the freshest Latitude 36 hybrid bermuda grass!


The Best Grass for Stockton

Thank you for joining us today to learn about the top sod types for Stockton! We are happy to provide a wide range of options for our Stockton customers including Kurapia ground cover, fescue sod grass, and bermuda grass. We deliver every day of the week except Sunday's. Our office is open daily from 7 am to 5 pm. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-381-8163 with questions or to place an order over the phone. We hope to hear from you soon!

Give your lawn a chance - follow our watering guide below to ensure your lawn is healthy and doesn't dry out. 

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