The Best Pet-Friendly Lawn Alternative for Caifornia

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The Best Pet-Friendly Lawn Alternative for California

Welcome to Sod and Seed, Inc! We'll be discussing the top pet-friendly lawn alternative for California and providing information that might convince you to replace your sod lawn with the latest and best pet-friendly lawn alternative, Frog Fruit ground cover. Frog Fruit ground cover is a native plant known by various names like Turkey Tangle, Texas Turkey Tangle, Lippia ground cover, Phyla Nodiflora, and, of course, Frogfruit groundcover. Say goodbye to your sod lawn and bid farewell to the lawn mower by opting for Frog Fruit ground cover as your pet-friendly lawn alternative. Frogfruit ground cover provides improved drought tolerance, requires no lawn mowing, thrives with low maintenance, is eco-friendly, and offers the same benefits as traditional sod lawns such as a fescue sod lawn or bermuda grass sod lawn.

the best pet friendly lawn alternative

Pet-Friendly Lawn Alternative

Frog Fruit ground cover lawn alternative is also a pet-friendly lawn alternative! We understand that our four-legged, furry friends are part of the family, too! While we don't recommend teaching your German Shepherd how to unearth bones on your Frogfruit ground cover lawn alternative or organizing a game of rugby, we can assure you that, in general terms, Frog Fruit ground cover lawn alternative is a pet-friendly lawn alternative. Frog Fruit ground cover lawn alternative can withstand minimal to moderate foot traffic. In the event that your pet discovers a hidden treasure, you can be confident that your Frogfruit ground cover lawn alternative will eventually self-heal and fill in.

the best pet friendly lawn alternative

The Best Pet-Friendly Lawn Alternative for CA

Thank you for choosing Sod and Seed, Inc. as we explore the best pet-friendly lawn alternative for California—our Frogfruit ground cover lawn alternative! Please be aware that shipping timelines are extended during the winter months due to seasonal adaptation. Plan ahead for a 3-5 week delay in winter, and feel free to contact us at 1-800-381-8163, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm. We're here to answer your questions, provide a free quote, and offer PRICE-BEAT deals so let us know if you've found pricing lower than ours! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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The Best Pet-Friendly Lawn Alternative for CA

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  • How frequently should I water frog fruit?

    Lianna Richards on
  • Does frog fruit attract or repel certain pests?

    Lindsey Armstrong on
  • Do you ship to Florida? What is your shipping fee?

    Patricia Bender on
  • @Rachel Archer: While frog fruit is not resistant to dog urine, its robust rooting system contributes to its ability to self-repair.

    Anonymous on
  • Will your frog fruit be resistant to dog urine?

    Rachel Archer on

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