Thank you West Coast Turf Staff!

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Thank You West Coast Turf Staff!

Sod and Seed, Inc. has a long-standing relationship with West Coast Turf staff, since the days of West Coast Turf being Mello Turf Ranch. For decades, West Coast Turf has been providing the West Coast with high quality, fresh sod. Day in and day out, the staff at West Coast Turf ensure the healthy planting, growth and harvesting of their sod, as well as safe and quick deliveries. 

West Coast Turf is a company that specializes in the production and distribution of turfgrass sod. The company is based in California and serves customers throughout the western United States. West Coast Turf offers a range of turfgrass varieties that are well-suited to different climates and applications, including residential lawns, commercial landscapes, sports fields, and golf courses.

West Coast Turf uses state-of-the-art production techniques to produce high-quality turfgrass sod that is ready to be installed in customers' gardens or landscaped areas. The company's sod is grown on well-draining, fertile soil and is irrigated with purified water to ensure optimal health and growth. West Coast Turf also offers installation and maintenance services to help customers get the most out of their sod.

By choosing West Coast Turf, customers can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy lawn without the time and effort required to grow grass from seed.

Sod and Seed, Inc. thanks the staff at West Coast Turf for their amazing collaboration and professionalism!

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