Perennial Rye Grass Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Mix

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Perennial Rye Grass Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Mix

Hello, this is George from Sod and Seed, Inc. Today we are sharing a video of us swapping out our samples for viewing and stress testing samples. We will feature our Rye Blue 80 20 sod today. This blend is 80% Perennial Rye grass and 20% Kentucky Bluegrass. You can watch our video below which features the same information. 

Drought Tolerant Sod 

For purposes of stress testing and sample viewing, we maintain one Rye Blue sample at a longer length and the other at a shorter length. Sod is very resilient and as you can see, even when exposed to drought conditions, the sod continues to root for a period of time, giving it the possibility of growing back to its healthiest form. 

Rye Blue Sod

The Rye Blue Sod Mix we are featuring today is a mix of 80% Perennial Rye grass and 20% Kentucky Bluegrass. This is a great sod lawn option for families with children who want a softer textures ground cover for kids to play on. Our Rye Blue 80 20 is popular across California. 

CLICK HERE to view our video.

Benefits of Rye Blue Sod

Low Maintenance Lawn

The Rye Blue offers lawn owners with lower maintenance due to its slower growth pattern.

Wear and Tear Recovery

The Rye Blue 80 20 mix also offers fast recovery from wear and tear damage or other stress factors.

Shade Tolerant Lawn

Perennial Ryegrass is a winter grass, so it will offer more shade tolerance due to the higher Rye grass composition versus other Rye Blue or Blue Rye mixes such as the popular Blue Rye 50 50 mix (50% Perennial Rye grass and 50% Kentucky Bluegrass). 

CLICK HERE to view our video.

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  • I live just west of MPLS..
    25% of my lawn is shade only..
    The other 75% is both sun and shade throughout the day.
    I want something that gives me a thick lawn throughout. I reseed every year because it always comes back the next year with bare spots and thin.
    I fertilize 3 times a year and my water is on a timer.Ive been using big box store brands.
    What’s a good seed..I’m missing something…
    Thank you in advance..

    Mark Bischoff on
  • Once again, thanks for the phenomenal blog and video!

    Paige Atkins on
  • I love watching people trying to teach others and explaining how everything works. Thanks a lot, George!

    Matt Cantina on
  • Hi Oscar! The best mix for you will depend on the conditions that the lawn will be in. The 50 50 Blue Rye mix may work great for one lawn while the 80 20 mixes may be best for another lawn. Feel free to give us a call and we can help decide which Blue Rye mix will be best for you. Thanks for stopping by!

    Razy on
  • I didn’t know there were so many types of rye blue mixes, which one do you think is the best?

    Oscar G. on

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