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The Best Sod for Garden Grove, CA

Garden Grove is nestled in the heart of Orange County, California. approximately 34 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Known for its rich history, diverse community, and perfect blend of urban and suburban living, Garden Grove offers much more than just picturesque landscapes. Garden Grove has diverse sectors, including retail, manufacturing, and services. The city hosts various businesses and industrial areas. Garden Grove is known for the Crystal Cathedral, a notable religious and architectural landmark, and is also home to the Christ Cathedral. Garden Grove is accessible by major highways, including the Garden Grove Freeway (State Route 22) and the San Diego Freeway (Interstate 405).

the best sod for garden grove

Weather and Climate in Garden Grove

Before jumping into the top sod choices, let's take a closer look at the weather wonder that is Garden Grove, CA—a haven for year-round outdoor activities. Garden Grove boasts an enviable Mediterranean climate. The city experiences mild winters, with temperatures seldom dropping below 50°F. Summers are comfortably warm, averaging around 80°F. 


The Best Sod for Garden Grove

Choosing the perfect sod for your Garden Grove garden or lawn is crucial for achieving a vibrant landscape that thrives in the local climate. With its warm Mediterranean-like weather, Garden Grove demands a resilient and drought-tolerant sod variety that can withstand the region's occasional heatwaves. Opting for the right sod ensures not only a visually appealing lawn but also a cost-effective and sustainable solution, as it reduces water consumption and maintenance efforts, allowing you to enjoy a green and flourishing outdoor space year-round. Here’s the list of our top recommended sod types. It's important to recognize that specific recommendations may vary for your particular area. For the most precise advice on suitable sod types, we encourage you to reach out to our sales representatives at 1-800-381-8163.

Kurapia Ground Cover

Kurapia ground cover is an innovative alternative to sod lawns. Kurapia ground cover saves a substantial amount of water compared to traditional grass. 

Kurapia Ground Cover


Frog Fruit Ground Cover

Frog Fruit ground cover, also known as Phyla Nodiflora, is a native plant. Frog Fruit ground cover is a low-growing ground cover plant commonly used for landscaping due to its drought tolerance and ability to attract pollinators. Frog Fruit is often utilized for erosion control.

Frog Fruit Ground Cover

The Best Fescue Sod for Garden Grove

Fescue sod is a cool-season grass known for its adaptability to different climates, shade tolerance, and overall resilience, making it a popular choice for families who prefer their lawn green year-round. Our fescue sod is pet-friendly and family-friendly.

West Coaster Tall Fescue Sod


Elite Plus Fescue Sod


The Best Warm-Season Grass for Garden Grove

Warm-season grass is well-suited for regions with hot temperatures and exhibits peak growth during the warmer months, going dormant in cooler winter conditions (don't worry, you can overseed it for green color year-round). Bermuda grass sod is ideal for sports fields and heavy foot traffic areas. 

Tiftuf Bermuda Grass


St. Augustine Sod


The Best Native Grasses

Native grasses can save up to 50% on watering needs, providing natural drought tolerance for your residential or commercial lawn.

Native Bentgrass Sod


Native Mow-Free Sod


The Best Sod for Garden Grove

Thanks for checking out the top sod choices for Garden Grove, California! Have any questions? Drop them in the comments below or call us at 1-800-381-8163. Our friendly sales reps are here Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturdays, 8 am to 3 pm. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Sod and Seed, Inc. also proudly delivers to all cities in Orange County including Orange, Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Fullerton, Tustin, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Buena Park, Lake Forest, Brea, Dana Point, Yorba Linda, Westminster, Laguna Niguel, Fountain Valley, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Hills, Aliso Viejo, Cypress, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, Seal Beach, La Habra, Los Alamitos, Ladera Ranch, Villa Park, Laguna Woods, Stanton, Coto de Caza, La Palma, Rancho Mission Viejo, North Tustin, Midway City, Rossmoor and Las Flores.

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  • @Tiffany Miller: Our lead time for delivery is 2-3 days. You can place you order online or contact us at 1-800-381-8163. We are available from 8 am to 5 pm.

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