West Coaster Mow Free or No Mow Sod

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West Coaster Mow Free / No Mow

Mow Free / No Mow Information

The West Coaster Mow Free sod or No Mow sod is a fine blend of Seabreeze GT Slender Creeping Red Fescue, Florentine GT Strong Creeping Red Fescue, and Tiffany Chewings Fescue. The Mow Free's fine blend of fescues provides rich color, fine texture, sun and shade tolerance, and low maintenance features. The West Coaster No Mow sod can also be used for diverse applications such as golf courses, residential lawns, commercial properties, and areas that are designed to be unmaintained. 

No Mow Sod Delivery

No Mow sod delivery requires 2-3 days advance notice and confirmation on standard deliveries. When searching or looking for dwarf tall fescue sod near me think Sod and Seed. All no mow sod orders and no mow grass seed orders are verified before shipping to confirm sod or seed delivery amount and location. A calendar should pop up after a minute at the top of this page to see availability. Grass Seed delivery is shipped UPS with verified shipping. All Sod is cut to ship direct from the farm and is never held in stock.
No Mow sod delivery with sod installation both the sod and installation must be ordered and requires 9-12 days in advance unless only a sod delivery in which we need 2-3 days advance notice. Endurance sod installation does NOT include tear out of old lawn or prep work. If you need a sooner sod delivery and sod installation need give us a call directly at 925-435-7874

No Mow Sod Installation

If no mow sod installation is purchased we provide laying of the sod, cutting the sod, rolling the sod, and taking the sod waste and pallets. no mow sod installation can be purchased under our services tab. Sod delivery and Sod installation timelines for each of our sod and seed products are different please refer to the exact sod or grass seed type ordered for proper timeline and availability.

Mow Free / No Mow Performance

Aesthetic Sod Lawn

The West Coaster Now Mow sod makes for a highly aesthetic lawn with its unique look. In fact, the West Coaster Mow Free sod is sought after because of its unique look when left unmowed. The tall, fine sod blades of the West Coaster Mow Free will be sure to give you lawn curb appeal!

Shade Tolerant Lawn

Shade tolerance is one of the most valuable performance features of the West Coaster no Mow sod. Shades can be cast due to a variety of factors such as tress, overcast climate, and shadows cast by high buildings or fences. However, the West Coaster Mow Free sod will thrive even in shady areas. 

Low Maintenance Lawn

Due to its ability to grow at a taller height than traditional sod, the West Coaster Mow Free sod will provide a low-maintenance lawn. The West Coaster Mow Free sod will be cost-efficient and time-efficient saving money and time spent on maintaining your lawn. 

Varying Mowing Heights

The West Coaster No Mow sod is versatile because it can be maintained at varying mowing heights. The West Coaster Mow Free sod can be mowed as short as 2" and as tall as unmowed heights permit given its conditions. Note that at taller heights, the West Coaster No Mow sod can start to lay over itself and affect even watering across the lawn, so be sure to monitor this when the West Coaster No Mow is left unmowed. 

Starter Fertilizer for Newly Installed Sod Lawns 

For newly installed sod lawns, a starter fertilizer is recommended. CLICK HERE to view more on our starter fertilizer. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review