Rye Grass Sod

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Rye Grass Sod

Our 100% Rye Grass sod is an excellent choice for various applications. Rye grass has a beautiful aesthetic and stays green in the winter. Our Rye grass sod is perfect for areas with kids or families who want soft grass for their home. Our Rye grass thrives in full sun, is drought tolerant, heat tolerant, and has great wear and tear recovery. With proper care, our Rye grass sod will stay green year-round, showcasing its beautiful dark green color and thin, soft texture. Rye grass is also common in parks, schools, sports fields, and commercial applications. Rye grass sod is a popular grass type in areas that have moderate, cool climate, both sunny and shade conditions, and areas with heavy seasonal fog. 

Cool Season Rye Grass Sod

Rye grass is a cool season grass, so ryegrass will look perfect even in winter. Perennial in the ryegrass with RPR name means the grass is not seasonal and stays active all year, making this once of California's best looking winter grasses.


Perennial Rye Grass Ratings

Perennial Rye Grass Ratings 1 - 10 (10 being best)

Perennial Rye Grass Drought Tolerance: 7

Perennial Rye Grass Disease Resistance: 7 

Perennial Rye Grass Wear Recovery: 4

Perennial Rye Grass Shade Tolerance: 4

Perennial Rye Grass Heat Tolerance: 7

Perennial Rye Grass Winter Color: 9 

Perennial Rye Grass Fertilizer 

Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer is always recommended when sodding/seeding a lawn. You can shop our Starter Fertilizer at the link below or add it to your cart at check out. For Perennial Rye Grass seeding and over seeding, it is always recommended to use a starter fertilizer.



Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews Write a review