Why Kurapia Works All Year vs. Seasonal Grasses

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Lets dig into why Kurapia Works All Year vs. Seasonal Grasses. As you may have heard us mention a few times, we are excited to provide you Kurapia, an alternative ground cover, and discuss why it works all year versus seasonal grasses. Kurapia was developed in Japan and created to provide a plethora of benefits. The longer Sod and Seed, Inc. works with Kurapia, the more we love it! Our multiple staff members have it in their own yard, and it has yet to underperform. We want to talk a little about why Kurapia works all year vs. seasonal grasses. After all, if you're going to invest in a lawn, you want it to look nice all year, right?

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Kurapia, Annual Turf Types and Seasonal Grasses

If you are a lawn owner or work in the industry, you know there are 2 types of grasses: perennial grasses and annual grasses. Perennial grasses stay green year round, such as our fescues, rye grasses and Kentucky Bluegrass. Then there are our Bermudagrasses, which are green only part of the year as they go dormant in the winter, browning up and then greening back up in spring time. Kurapia takes things to the next level, similarly to our perennials, it stays green year round, but even better! It has such a deep and strong rooting system that is can tolerate conditions some grasses may not. Sometimes a heat wave or short frost can kill your lawn. What we have seen with Kurapia over and over is that even when it is damaged, it recovers very well! 


Kurapia vs. Seasonal Grasses: Seasonal Flowering

Kurapia is also a great choice for a year-round lawn option because it is versatile and adapt to many conditions. Depending on the conditions it is in and how much water and sun it gets, it can change its growth pattern and color. It also blooms small, white flowers twice annually, making it an especially appealing lawn option during spring and fall. So, while some grasses brown up in the winter and other grasses become susceptible to extreme weather conditions and have a uniform look year-round, Kurapia provides both a green lawn year round with the added perk of seasonal flowering. Kurapia stays green all year, and within that lifecycle, has wonderful adaptations that make it versatile and unique in its appearance, changing throughout the year without losing its beauty. 

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Kurapia vs. Seasonal Grasses: Low-Maintenance Year-Round

As we know, Kurapia does not need to be mowed. We have personally tested and observed this ourselves at Sod and Seed, Inc. Kurapia never has to be mowed. Some people choose to mow it for various reasons. One reason is to mow off the seasonal flowers it blooms to avoid bees they may attract. Another reason is personal preference, they may want it shorter than it already is, to have even more of a carpet-like look. However, unlike traditional grasses, Kurapia ultimately does not need to be mowed. Annual grasses give you the cost, time and hassle of mowing for a few months while they go dormant. Perennial grasses should be mowed throughout the year to up-keep, depending on conditions and growth patterns, still making maintenance a task throughout the year. However, with Kurapia you don't need to worry about mowing it ever throughout the year. Yet another reason why Kurapia works well all year vs. seasonal grasses. 

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All in all, there is a plethora of reasons why Kurapia should be the next ground cover you choose. Its functionality and health throughout the year is a big reason! While some grasses go dormant and turn brown, or others continue to need regular maintenance, Kurapia is a lawn cover that you will not have to worry about very much year-round. This not only makes is a practical choice for homeowners, but an excellent choice for commercial applications and city establishments as well. With larger properties, a lawn that doesn't need to be mowed or watered very much will be the wiser choice. So, if you're looking for a green and low maintenance lawn year-round, look no further, Kurapia is it. 

If you'll be taking on the job yourself, check out our DIY Preparation and Installation Blog for a step-by-step guide. 


For a full Kurapia description, check out our blog, "Everything You Need to Know About Kurapia" at the link below: 


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  • I want to write a review for this business. George, who assisted me, is a fantastic person. He went over everything in great detail and patiently answered all my questions. The Kurapia is stunning and of excellent quality. You will never be disappointed if you place an order here.

    Mylee Deacon on
  • I like the Kurapia Sod because it looks beautiful. I want to have like this someday.

    Lacey Tucker on
  • Kurapia has so many benefits over the other products that explain why we need this grass over seasonal grasses.

    Jorgie Reed on
  • In my opinion, Kurapia is a brilliant option if you want a lawn that is super drought and disease resistant. Kurapia grass remains green throughout the year. Thus, it looks fantastic all the time.

    Alannah Castro on
  • Once Kurapia is established, watering becomes more infrequent. It is really cost-effective.

    Chris Bell on

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