The lawn of the future.

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Kurapia is undoubtedly the lawn of the future. Hybridized and developed for significant environmental sustainability, Kurapia is the perfect balance of having an eco friendly lawn that is beautiful and flawless. You save 60% of water versus grass, never have to mow again, and feel good about environmental contributions for the future.

Kurapia grass 60% less water

Kurapia is a new lawn alternative that can take care of your yard work for you! Rather than watering your lawn each day, you need only water it as little as once every other week. It also looks great and is natural. Kurapia is the perfect way to keep your yard looking beautiful while saving water. 

Kurapia grass never mow again

Kurapia grass never has to be mowed. For lawn owners, this may sound unbelievable but it’s true, Kurapia grows low to the ground and never has to be mowed. 

The greenest lawn on the block

Kurapia is the newest, greenest lawn option for California. Anyone who wants less work on their lawn can benefit from Kurapia. Kurapia stays green year round and miniature white flowers blossom between Spring and Fall. 

The lawn of the future

Environmentally friendly Kurapia grass is the lawn alternative for California. You'll save 60% of water, throw them lawn mower away and actually sit down or lie down to enjoy your lawn instead of spending time maintaining it. See our link be;or to learn more about Kurapia grass.

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