Pictures of Kurapia

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What Kurapia looks like.

Picture of Kurapia

As you can see, Kurapia is small oval leaves and unlike traditional grass requires no mowing.

The best no mow lawn is now Kurapia.

We have tested Kurapia and after 3 years the area was in need of mowing.


Kurapia sod


Kurapia takes 60% less water and repairs damaged areas with no need for seed ever.

Drought tolerant lawn that repairs itself!


kurapia lawn



Kurapia sod roll above.

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  • This sod looks interesting, I wonder if how tall does it grow, and is it safe for small children?

    Loui Mansell on
  • I didn’t even know that Kurapia has the ability to repair damaged areas with no need for seeding. Hopefully, more raw information about Kurapia. I love your blog, by the way

    Rhia Ramos on
  • Ohh.. this grass looks so familiar. I did not know it is called Kurapia.

    Sultan Goodman on
  • This superb! I had no idea about Kurapia but thanks to you.

    Seren Ware on
  • I’m so lucky to read your blog about Kurapia, I wish I were more like you.

    Zane Whelan on

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