Kurapia Sod The New Lawn Alternative.

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Kurapia Sod The New Lawn Alternative

Sod and Seed, Inc. is proud to introduce and provide Kurapia ground cover to our California and South West sod customers. When choosing a ground cover, sod type, or grass seed, whether it's for a home, commercial lawn or municipal establishment, there are many options to choose from. The choices for ground covers range from grass seed, sod, Bermuda sod, ground cover, to trees, flowers, rock, mulch and even concrete. Each of these sod and non sod options have limitations. For example, flowers like from kurapia ground cover may be the most aesthetic choice, but a lawn full of flowers may not be the best ground cover for social events or for children to play on. Rock or concrete are extremely low maintenance, but are not safe play areas and can result in scraped knees for the little ones or even adults. Trees are ideal for casting shade and protection, especially in warmer climate, but come along with leaf clean-up or potential damage to surrounding areas with their large roots extending over time not to mention the health issues of Califonia trees. For most people a sod lawn typically is the natural choice, We rarely see ground covers like kurapia and some people have reservations over not having enough information for plants like phlya nodiflora ground cover and kurapia ground cover. 

Kurapia Ground Cover as a Lawn

So lets take a look at Kurapia ground cover and see why this is an ideal new lawn alternative. Kurapia ground cover is a drought tolerant lawn alternative that requires 60% less water when compared to a fescue lawn. Originating from development in Japan, this plant is actually a California Native ground cover and requires minimal maintenance. Kurapia ground cover is mow-friendly, meaning mowing if optional or completely unnecessary. Yes, you read that correctly, you do not have to mow kurapia ground cover. Some of our customers mow it based on personal preference and wanting their ground cover very close to the ground, similar to the carpet-like aesthetic Bermuda's provide. Kurapia's growth is lateral, meaning t grows side ways and not so much upward. So if you're okay with a little height (similar height to traditional sod), you actually don't ever have to mow it. There's more! Twice a year, Kurapia produces gorgeous, miniature, white flowers that while sterile, are great pollinators for local bees.


More on Kurapia

Despite Kurapia being relatively new to California, it has adapted extremely well to our climate. It can handle foot traffic and feels great on the feet. Because it has dense growth with very knit0tight leaves and stolons, it makes for a sturdy ground cover that is comfortable to walk or play on. If you're an avid gardener, Kurapia will add to your gardens biodiversity and it will thrive like never before. Butterflies and bees alike will be praising your lawn of small flowers when the time comes.



One of the best parts about Kurapia is the lack of mowing needed for maintenance. It is by far the easiest sod alternative to maintain. For most of our customers calling in and asking about Kurapia, the "you-never-have-to-mow" is a huge selling point and usually the point at which they pull the trigger. Watering maintenance is minimal as well. If we forget to water it for a week, it will come back to life. Kurapia self repairs small damaged areas, as well as larger damages such as big dug up holes (we tested for this and it made a comeback! You can watch our video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64MAGNz-Y_c&t=7s). 


Why Kurapia is a Wise Choice

With Kurapia, you will never have to mow again. That should be the closing statement but we'll keep going for a bit longer. After providing so much Kurapia to our customers and seeing its benefits first-hand, we decided to get Kurapia for our own lawn. We personally installed Kurapia in my homes front lawn and I have not mowed it in 2 years. Throughout our stress testing process, our Kurapia was damaged it and essentially neglected and it always comes back. Even when we were not stress testing, the business of life can consume us and we often forgot to water it, but it came back each time. We have had our Kurapia lawn now for over two years with zero maintenance. In fact, we have never even edged it. Kurapia's height stays at about 1" high and it makes lawn care super easy. It is highly rewarding to do landscaping for a living and be able to come home to a beautiful area I do not have to touch or even have formal irrigation for. Kurapia is a game changer. to say the least.

Kurapia is brand new to the market here in the U.S. and not much was needed to make its debut. Kurapia truly does speak for itself. To be able to say Kurapia is our only product that does not require anything but water is a huge statement. Please note, Sod and Seed, Inc. always recommends fertilizing during installation (you can shop our Sod and Seed Starter Fertilizer HERE) and seasonal fertilizing with Lawn Food once established (you can shop our Sod and Seed Lawn Food HERE) for all lawn and lawn alternatives to ensure best results with proper rooting and establishment. However, rest assured that if need be, Kurapia is as easy as installing, watering and watching it work its magic!

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  • Happy to be able to help Greg. I see auto correct is still calling Kurapia sod kirapia but we deliver the ground cover no matter what the spelling.

    George Bravos on
  • Thank you Olivia we are happy to hear your Kurapia sod is doing well. Native hybrid grasses like Kurapia do great after rooted.

    George Bravos on
  • Thank you for reading we are starting to pick up our lawn delivery in San Francisco for Kurapia ground cover. Please whenever ordering Kurapia sod San Francisco please give us 3-4 days advanced notice.

    George Bravos on
  • I have had Kurapia sod for over a month now, and it has been great. I have had no problems whatsoever with it. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an excellent lawn alternative.

    Olivia-Rose Mcmahon on
  • I’ve had Kurapia in my yard for years now and love it! I have zero regrets and everything shared in this blog is true. I rarely worry about watering it, have never mowed it, and it somehow always looks great. If you’re open to something other than traditional grass, this is definitely the alternative to go with!

    Tiffany N. on

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