Kurapia: Innovative and Water-Conserving Lawn

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If you haven't heard about it yet, Kurapia is the new ground cover in town! Kurapia is an innovative and water-conserving ground cover we should be paying close attention to. Too often, we have to decide between what is a picture-perfect treat for the eye and what will be supportive and sustainable for our environment. However, when it comes to Kurapia, you don't have to decide! Kurapia is a ground cover originating in Japan belonging to the Lippia Nodiflora species. It is made up of beautiful green stolons and leaves. Twice a year, it blooms small white flowers that will decorate your home or property beautifully—all of this in addition to being environmentally friendly by requiring significantly less watering than traditional sod.


Kurapia is an excellent choice for lawns for many reasons. First and foremost, it is water-conserving, requiring 60% less irrigation once established. Considering the drought, we are still experiencing in California, and the arid year ahead, Kurapia is an excellent choice for people generally seeking to move away from traditional watering regimes. It is an adaptive option to our drought conditions. Wait for it, and there’s more - Kurapia doesn’t need to be mowed! It can be maintained by trimming or cutting around the perimeter of your area but grows close to the ground, making it mow-free and allows you to skip the maintenance rituals. Its stolons and leaves spread through your lawn like a calm sea of green and are resilient as can be. Furthermore, Kurapia is a sterile plant, aiding it in fighting off weeds and other plant invaders. Its deep rooting system allows it to grow and maintain itself with consistent water retention, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your lawn without having to worry about heavy maintenance and attention to it.
Kurapia is the ideal investment, allowing you to experience long-term savings with its low watering needs and drought resistance. Have it delivered directly to your home from our farm, and trust you can kick back and watch it work its magic. Kurapia will be an ideal lawn cover for front lawns that will set aside your home from everyone else in the neighborhood. It is also ideal for backyards tolerating some shade, light to moderate foot traffic, all without losing its charming look for any social hour whether it’s a birthday party, holiday or simply kicking your feet up with an ice-cold beverage on a sunny day. It’s also ideal for commercial properties looking for a professional and aesthetic look without needing all the watering and maintenance.

We may have thought the classic grass lawn would have never been surpassed. Still, Kurapia is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for something new, innovative, aesthetic, and most importantly, supportive of our environment with its water-saving characteristic. So say goodbye to hours of mowing, increased water bills due to heavy watering, and hello to the new lawn in town!
Kurapia will grow between 1-3 inches and expand its beautiful green stolons and leaves. It can be watered between 2-3 times weekly, depending on conditions. Kurapia is also great in fighting off weeds and even helping prevent soil erosion. Additionally, our Kurapia is grown on organic peat soil and up to food-grade standards, making it a safe and healthy option for your new lawn. Feel the confidence and ease of enjoying a beautiful lawn you’ve worked hard to have without having to worry about maintenance and constant attention to it. If you feel like Kurapia is right for you, give us a call, and we can help get you set up with your new Kurapia lawn! So sit back, relax and enjoy your new Kurapia lawn.

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  • The details about Kurapia were impressive enough to make the plunge. How long will it take to root during the winter?

    Mrs Crane on
  • Hello Madeline sorry for the late reply it blooms twice a year depending on temperature and sun exposure.

    George Bravos on
  • Hi Britney I agree kurapia sod is fairly new but I’m sure after you guys get that first area established you will enjoy the new yard. Thank you for commenting and using out company we are always happy to deliver to Sacramento anytime you need your next order.

    George on
  • I’m a beginner with this Kurapia stuff. Thanks for your effort in creating a blog about it. I’m listing all the information I needed before buying it in the future.

    Britany Russell on
  • Reading about your blog helps me learn more about Kurapia and understand what would be the benefit of having this kind of turf. Thanks a lot, please create more blogs about this one.

    Ajay Orr on

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